Yahoo Sports' MLB Daily Bets: August 4

Minty Bets breaks down a couple of baseball bets she's making on August 4.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Minty Bets here to give you my MLB picks for Tuesday, August 4. Let's begin with the first game of the day and the Pirates versus the Twins. Ride the hot and fade the cold is what I've always been told, so the Pirates are on a five-game lose streak while the Twins are on a four-game win streak.

Musgrove is the starting pitcher for the Pirates, and he's been known to give up quite a few runs. So I let the Twins moneyline and maybe even the first five over 4 or 4 and 1/2 but only if it gets to those numbers.

Last game I like is going to be the LA Dodgers versus the San Diego Padres. We knew coming into the season that the Dodgers were going to be a winning team. However, we-- I didn't expect these Padres to be as good as they are now. Lamet will be on the mound for the Padres, and May will be starting for the Dodgers. I don't expect another underdog upset, but I do like the Padres to win the first five as they're [? 7-3-1 ?] in the first five innings. Also, Grisham, Tatis, and Pham are on fire, so I have to go with the Padres first five.