Yahoo Sports' NBA Daily Bets: August 22

Yahoo Sports' Zach Schwartz makes his bets for the August 22 slate of games.

Video Transcript

ZACH SCHWARTZ: It's Zach Schwartz. And here are my picks for today's slate of NBA playoff matchups. First and foremost, I like the heat at minus 5. The Pacers have shown that they can throw their best punches, and it still isn't enough to take down the Miami Heat.

Jimmy Butler has been playing at another level. And the combination of Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro has just been too much for the Indiana Pacers. Look for the Heat to continue to roll in this series and for them to continue to win by 5 to 6 points a game.

The second game I have circled for today's slate of playoff matchups is the Houston Rockets at minus 3. Now, the Thunder have tried to make some shifts and some changes to try to give themselves a chance to win. Luguentz Dort put up a heck of a night in defending James harden. Unfortunately, they still came up short. We're not quite getting the point production that I thought we would see from Chris Paul. And that was one of the things that led me to pick the Thunder in the second game of this series. I just don't know if C.P. has that necessarily want to kick it into that gear to be the scorer that, like just a raw scorer for the Thunder. So still think that the Rockets are the best bet here at minus 3.

Finally, I've been taking the Blazers quite a bit, as a Lakes' fan, they really had me worried after game 1. Less so after game 2. I think that the best bet here is to go ahead and still take the Blazers at plus 7 and 1/2 though. I don't really see the Lakers winning some of these games really big.

I think you had a very odd night from some of the players from some of the guards for the Trail Blazers. I don't think you had the best certainly from Dame. He is going to be playing with a finger splint in today's game, so maybe that will cause some scoring issues. But look for C.J. McCollum to shoulder a lot of that.

The other thing worth noting is the foul trouble that the Blazers found themselves In. Wenyen Gabriel, who is sort of the defensive stopper and somewhat of a real headache for the Lakers, found himself in foul trouble early. Look for them to avoid getting him into foul trouble and for them to continue to stay close throughout this game. Go ahead and take the Blazers at plus 7 and 1/2.

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