Yahoo Sports' Launch Pad - Ronald Acuña blasts a 495-foot monster home run

Yahoo Sports recaps the Top 3 blasts from the week of September 21st utilizing statcast data.

Video Transcript


- In the air to left field. Stuck pretty well. Back goes Dickerson. Looking up. And it is gone. A 2-run home run for Fernando Tatís Jr. And the Padres take a 3-1 lead. Home run number 16 of the year for Tatís.

- Oh, my goodness. That's a bolt.

- Swing and a drive. Deep left field. Marcell Ozuna has taken over the National League homer lead with a mammoth first inning shot. His fifth homer against the Red Sox. His 18th of the year. And that ties the game.

- Saw the ball get all the way up on the concourse. That was five rows above where it stopped.

- Pitch. Swing and a high fly ball. That's walloped. Deep left. Ronald Acuña Jr. bat flip. It's bombs away. 1-0. A lead off home run. We told you, seeing almost five pitches per plate appearance. He saw five. And the fifth one left the park in a big hurry.

- Yeah. I mean, he's just trying to make the other pitcher work a little bit before he takes him deep now. So make him get in on the count a little bit. Man, that was loud. That ball was loud. That was smoked. [MUSIC PLAYING]