Yahoo Sports' Launch Pad - Biggest White Sox blasts from the statcast era

Yahoo Sports compiles the three longest and most impressive home runs for the Chicago White Sox since 2015.

Video Transcript


- He's hit a couple of balls up there now because he took strike one. And hits this ball high in the air, deep center field. Way, way of here. That ball was vaporized by Eloy Jiménez Wow.

- He's gonna be a lot of fun to watch. Just crushes it to center field.

- Watch where this thing goes.

- --throw real hard, but he gets a lot of [INAUDIBLE]

- High drive, left field. It's way back. It's gone.

- Way gone.

- It looks like it ended up on the street.

- Yep. Yeah, and I think that was a hanging splitter.

- As Avi unloads on this ball. And this is an absolute no-doubter.

- Avisail Garcia hits it above the Budweiser sign in deep center field.

- Yep, wanted it away. It was not away. It was right down the middle. All the pitcher does is drop his head and ask for another one. Take a look at where this one hits. Boy that is a blast.