Yahoo Sports' Launch Pad - Biggest Rockies blasts from the statcast era

Yahoo Sports compiles the three longest and most impressive home runs for the Colorado Rockies since 2015.

Video Transcript


- --14 games at Albuquerque, he's hit a ball. Speaking of hitting a ball, Mark Reynolds just hit a pinch-hit home run off Hunter Cervenka. Man was that far. That was tattooed. 10th of the year for Reynolds, and the Rockies get the run back. It's 4 to 1.

- He says, I kind of like this pinch-hitting thing. Come up, one swing.

- Crushed to deep left. Take a good look. You won't see that for long. Concourse shot from Desmond, and the Rockies lead it 5-4.

An estimated 486 feet. That's one of the longest in baseball this year.

- That might take over number one.

- This ball's hit a long way again. That's number 30. Where will this one land? Concourse again.

Are you kidding me? Those aren't just home runs. Those are moon shots.

- I guess they think they can keep beating him inside.

- His talent is amazing, and it's coming together beautifully down the stretch.