Yahoo Sports' Launch Pad - Biggest Cubs blasts from the statcast era

Yahoo Sports compiles the three longest and most impressive home runs for the Chicago Cubs since 2015.

Video Transcript


- That fly ball out into center. Way out of here.

- Oh my. Oh my goodness

- Number 27. Well, he injures something, and then he homers.

- Yeah.

- That's the new deal.

- Yeah. So you just send him up.

- We're in the second inning with one down and the batter Willson Contreras in a 0-0 game. There's a deep drive to left by Willson Contreras. Get out the tape measure. Long gone. Willson Contreras with a booming home run to left. Cubs lead 1 to 0.

- Good to see the Cubs catcher back in there tonight. He left yesterday's game, and he's about to leave the yard here. Contreras with a long home run that hits the scoreboard.

- What a shot.

- Deep left. That'll tie it. How far will it go? Off the board. Wow. 1 to 1.

They're gonna score that a hit for Bryant.

- Wow. That may be his most impressive yet.