Yahoo Sports' Launch Pad - Biggest blasts from opening week

Yahoo Sports compiles the three longest and most impressive home runs from the first weekend of the 2021 season.

Video Transcript


- Three of their last four outs have been in the air. And there's one in the air. That's deep into center field. And Michael A. Taylor, ladies and gentlemen. That was a bomb to straightaway center. And it is 4-1 in the fifth.

- Wow, was that clean. What a nice swing down in the count, a couple of strikes on him. Boy, he wasn't trying to water the garden in right field. He got a cookie belt-high, one of the straightest pitches that Arihara has thrown all day.

- High drive to deep left center field for Fernando Tatís Jr. Home run. Fernando's first of 2021 gets the Padres on the board in the ninth.

- Fastball right down the middle. And he knew it. Everybody in the ballpark knew it, even the outfielders. Peralta, Marte, they just gave it the old courtesy look. Time for a new baseball.

- --full count of the day. And his 45th pitch is belted out toward right field, carrying toward the fountains. It is gone! Wow, a splashdown out of those fountains. Monstrous home run for Nate Lowe, and once again the Rangers strike first. It's 3-0.

- Well, right on time, as you were talking about the power that Nate Lowe has in that bat. What you had seen from him, what we have seen so far is line drives the other way, but picking a spot when he could actually let it fly a little bit. And he did.