Yahoo Sports' Launch Pad - Biggest Wild Card blasts

Yahoo Sports recaps the Top 3 blasts from the wild card series, highlighted by Luis Robert's 487-footer

Video Transcript


- Swung on and driven to deep left. That ball as high, it is far, it is gone. A Stantonian home run. Giancarlo, non si puo stoparlo. He homers to left. And the Yankees have a 12-2 lead.

- Well, the fill that I was going to mention, Susan--

- Yeah.

- --is that, well you know, you read this and heard this. The Yankees are in trouble. They hit so many home runs in the stadium, and so few away from the stadium.

- Yeah. That's what Dave said. He's hit it harder than anybody. And this one is hit hard. Straightaway, center field, and that is deep, and that is gone. That's Corey Seager all season long, as he hits his 16th of the year, and he gives the Dodgers a cushion. They now lead it 4 to 2.

- Strong bottom half, gets that foot down. We saw Seager coming up all healthy. He was barreling, almost everything, center field to left center.

- Yeah, Luis Robert, he is not a finished product. He drills one to left field and tosses the bat aside. My goodness, where will it land? Way up and out of here. A titanic home run from the rookie Luis Robert. The White Sox have a 1-0 lead. 487 feet.

- Oh my gosh. Dave Fleming, he crushed this ball. This is a four-seamer. Chucks his bat over to the White Sox side. Exclamation point.