Yahoo Is 20: The 20 Biggest Moments in Food in the Last 20 Years

·Editor in Chief, Yahoo Food

Open your fridge. Peek in your cupboard. Take a look at what you had for lunch. Chances are, what you're consuming has evolved quite a bit in the years since two Stanford graduate students named Jerry Yang and David Filo created Yahoo. And not just what you eat and drink, but the why, where, and how.

Back then, kale wasn't a thing, and very few people knew how to pronounce quinoa. (Keen-wha, for those who are still unsure.) A fast-growing coffee chain named Starbucks was making instant coffee instantly uncool. Paleo wasn't a popular diet; it was something we learned about in high school or on The Flintstones. Gluten-free? No one knew what that was.

Mealtime has evolved since then, too. The proper family sit-down has become an endangered species. We graze on snacks and chow down on grab-and-go items for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. The iPhone and iPad are regular dining companions. At the same time, restaurants are more popular than ever, as are blogs celebrating the home cook. Half of all college graduates consider themselves "foodies." Do you?

Check out the Yahoo Food slideshow above and see our picks for the 20 most important people, places, things, and good eats over the past two decades. Agree or disagree with our choices? Tweet at us at @yahoofood. And happy birthday, Yahoo!