This Y2K influencer scored an iconic Disney Channel character’s shoes at Target

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From Raven Baxter of That’s So Raven to Sharpay Evans of High School Musical, the Disney Channel saw no shortage of iconic, ultra-fashionable female characters on their network throughout the early aughts. And, as TikTok has so wonderfully demonstrated, many Gen Zers have embraced the nostalgic fashion items often worn by these fictional characters.

Early-aughts influencer Nicole, known by her very on-brand screen name @misss2005 on both TikTok and Instagram, regularly posts nostalgia-driven content. If you’re into teen dramas like One Tree Hill and basically all things Disney, this account is for you.

In early February, Nicole posted a sought-after fashion find she came across at her local Target.

“I STOLE LIZZIE MCGUIRE’S SHOES!!!” read the text on the video.

The pair of shoes in question is the chunky, bright orange platforms Lizzie McGuire’s animated alter ego rocked on the eponymous coming-of-age comedy series starring Hilary Duff from 2001 to 2004.

Smiling big, Nicole models the iconic pair of shoes to “The Tide Is High” by Atomic Kitten, the hit song featured in The Lizzie McGuire Movie that every Lizzie fan is undoubtedly familiar with.

Behind her, a poster for A Cinderella Story, the 2004 Hilary Duff-led romantic comedy, is easily spotted.

“MY EARLY 2000S HEART IS SO HAPPY,” reads Nicole’s caption.

Although the Target platform shoes, retailing for $40 USD, aren’t an exact match (Lizzie’s were platform flip-flops), they get the job done.

“Those are so cute!!” gushed @angeliqxeb.

“YESS GURL YES! flaunt,” wrote @sweetlifeofbrie.

“THEY LOOK SO GOOD ON YOU!! I’ve been seeing these everywhere and I neeeeeddd!!” wrote @nostalgia_replay.

Nicole appears to be one of many Lizzie McGuire fans that ran to Target in search of the iconic shoe.

“Target has Lizzie McGuire’s shoes and younger me is freaking out,” read text on @magsandmoos video.

“Lizzie McGuire has entered the chat,” wrote @shesattarget.

Leave it to Y2K influencers to score platform sandals popularized by an animated fictional character who debuted on screens nearly 18 years ago. As TikTokers like Nicole make apparent, it’s never too late to indulge in the nostalgia of it all!

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