Do Xander and Yoly end up together on The Ultimatum: Queer Love?

are xander and yoly together
Are The Ultimatum's Xander and Yoly together? Netflix

If there's one show we cannot stop talking about at the moment it's Netflix's The Ultimatum: Queer Love. It's messy, dramatic and features a few loved up couples we can't get enough of.

The spin-off version of the original series features five female and non-binary couples. Within each couple, one person has issued the other an ultimatum to get engaged or breakup. In order to see whether they are ready to marry their partner or can perhaps find love else where, each couple "breaks up" and enters into a trial marriage with one of the other cast members.

After three weeks, they then get back with their former partner and they enter into a trial marriage, before deciding who they want to be with.

Whilst the majority of pairs are focussing on their original partners after their first trial marriage, there is one new couple that we and viewers are shipping hard. We are of course talking about Xander and Yoly.

The pair fell for each other pretty quickly, and despite returning to their original partners, the couple can't seem to get each other off their minds. So do Yoly and Xander end up together? This is everything you need to know.

are xander and yoly together

Do Xander and Yoly end up together?

34-year-old Yoly from Chicago and 30-year-old Xander from Hawaii both entered The Ultimatum: Queer Love with different partners, Yoly was with Mal, and Xander with Vanessa.

Both Yoly and Xander were the ones in their relationship to issue an ultimatum to get engaged or breakup to their partners. Yoly and Xander both cited they were ready to marry their original partners, that was until they connected during the first week and chose each other to enter into a trial marriage.

The pair quickly fell into what appeared to be a very lovely intimate relationship and their trial marriage was full of super sweet moments, like their deep conversations in bed, their lunch with Xander's friend and their date on the beach where Xander proposed with a lollypop ring.

are xander and yoly together

Before their trial marriage was over they even said "I love you" to each other. When it came to going back to their original partners the pair initially struggled to separate and were texting each other in the first few days apart.

However, at various points in their new trial marriages it seemed they were getting closer again with their former partners and were potentially considering a future with them.

Ahead of the final episodes Xander and Yoly both shared a number of incredibly sweet photos from their trial marriage together.

However, a number of fans think the pair sharing posts like these could indicate they didn't end up together, with one person commenting: "This kinda makes me sad bc it prob means they aren’t together."

do yoly and xander end up together

At the end of episode eight, we see Mal propose to Yoly but don't get to see her answer to Mal's proposal. In the final episode Yoly accepts Mal's proposal but tells her she still has feelings for Xander.

Yoly and Xander met up shortly after, where Xander confessed her feelings for Yoly and said she wanted to be with her. However, Yoly said whilst she loved Xander, she felt in her head she needed to be with Mal. The pair separated on tearful goodbyes.

Fast forward to the reunion and Mal revealed she and Yoly were "happily broken up", with Yoly adding they broke up after two weeks of being engaged.

It was then revealed Yoly had been speaking to Xander whilst engaged to Mal and Vanessa alleged there was a plan for Yoly to come to Hawaii to visit Xander, and the pair said they'd spoken about it but nothing had come from it.

Yoly and Xander revealed they had met up at Coachella but nothing had happened between them and they are now just friends.

And it appears Yoly may be dating someone else after she shared an insightful TikTok.

In the TikTok (which has since been deleted) Yoly is with a mystery person in a kitchen and has captioned the video "When bae didn't buy your coffee this morning."

Yoly's use of the word "bae" has got many fans thinking Yoly has moved onto a new relationship.

Yoly didn't clarify her new relationship status in the reunion, so guess we'll have to wait and see if she shares any more TikToks.

The first eight episodes of The Ultimatum: Queer Love are available on Netflix now

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