The X Change Rate: "All Stars" Season 5 Queens (Part 2)

In "The X Change Rate," award-winning drag queen, entertainer and TV personality Monét X Change brings her signature wit, heart and style to BUILD Series. In a special three-part episode, Monét was joined by the season five cast of "RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars." This part includes queens Jujubee, Derrick Barry and Mayhem Miller.

Video Transcript


MONET X CHANGE: Hey, y'all. It's your girl, Monet, and you're watching a special edition of "The X Change Rate," where we're chatting with the cast of "All Stars 5". Hey, ladies. As we all know, our nation is going through a very tough time right now. We by no means want to make light of this, so before we start, I would like to have a moment of silence for protesters, organizers, and all those in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. And here we are with the ladies of "All Stars 5." OK, y'all look gorgeous. I must say so.

MAYHEM MILLER: Thanks, sis.


JUJUBEE: Thank you.

DERRICK BARRY: You, too, Monet.

MONET X CHANGE: Thank you. I appreciate that.

DERRICK BARRY: Yeah, I love this wig.

MONET X CHANGE: Just a little beret. How are y'all feeling today? I know this is so crazy and so unprecedented. How is everyone feeling? Jujubee?

JUJUBEE: You know, that's a great--


JUJUBEE: That's a great question, Monet. I want to say I feel great, but I feel OK. I feel OK.


JUJUBEE: You know?

MONET X CHANGE: Yeah. Derrick?

DERRICK BARRY: Oh, I didn't know if Mayhem was gonna go.

MAYHEM MILLER: No, I was waiting.

MONET X CHANGE: Oh, you were waiting. I-- I-- was like-- I thought you was like just giving a silence. I was like, work. I was-- it was so chilling to me. I was like, yes.



MAYHEM MILLER: That, too. Like, I don't know. I'm-- I'm the same way. Like, I wish I could say that things were great and amazing, but they're not, you know?



DERRICK BARRY: For-- for me, one thing that I didn't get to do when I interviewed on Monday was even talk about the protests happening, and it felt so weird to talk about "All Stars," and, yes, I'm shady. I'm catty. It's Derrick, bitch.


DERRICK BARRY: When there is protesting happening on the strip coming from happening in Minneapolis. So for me, it just feels like to not say something and to not voice my opinion, I felt like I let down our community. I felt like I let down the entire-- our entire community by not speaking up and saying something. So I want to say that I don't feel good, and it does feel weird to talk about "All Stars," something we filmed a year ago, when right now we are-- we need to be talking about something way, way bigger than that for me.

MONET X CHANGE: Well, which-- which is-- I think it's such an interesting place that you guys are all in, considering COVID-19, and now "All Stars" is happening in the midst of all of this. Do you think it's gonna change the way that you handle social media this season in terms of, you know, girls post looks, or they do all these things. Like, how is today's climate gonna dictate how you treat social media through your season? Let's-- let's-- let's start with Mayhem.

MAYHEM MILLER: It's definitely gonna have an effect on how I approach social media, because with everything that's happening and what's been happening, I feel that you have to use your platform for the right reasons and to connect with people in a different way. You know, people have been in their homes for months. People are out of work, but the thing is we still are able to connect with people, and I think that's-- what we need to do is focus on getting our messages out, getting our stories out, and just being positive, you know?

Because normally throughout the seasons, you know, you-- you have a catty aspect. You have a-- you know, the typical reality show drama. But, you know, I think, for me at least, I'm gonna be sticking to being positive throughout the whole experience.

MONET X CHANGE: Got it. Juju?

JUJUBEE: You know, I-- I love what you said, Mayhem. I-- I appreciate the sentiment that we- we do have to remain positive, even in times like this. But I love that we're talking about things that are going on in real life, and I think it's important that we don't forget the things that are happening because, you know, just 51 years ago we wouldn't be doing this, you know?


JUJUBEE: And it's like-- and it's because of trans women of color, black trans women who fought for our rights to do what we're doing. And I-- and I actually sit here, and I think about, if they didn't do that, who would I be today?




DERRICK BARRY: I actually haven't even decided yet, because, for me, social media was always-- for my social media, at least, it was always positivity. And I-- I deleted or blocked some of the things that would come on it, and now I can't even-- I can't even imagine not using my platform, because it is very important to me to get a message out there and unify everybody. And like Jujubee said, 51 years ago started the Stonewall Riots, and we-- we were already supposed to be the last-- the LGBT community was supposed to be the last people to get rights.

So to feel like we are completely setting back now is-- is embarrassing for-- for all of us to watch happen live in front of our eyes. So I haven't decided if I'm gonna post looks. I-- that feels like so unimportant right now to me.



MAYHEM MILLER: Absolutely.

MONET X CHANGE: Well, switching gears a little bit, speaking of looks, you know, a lot of people are saying that y'all's trailer is giving us, like-- and not to say other seasons haven't before, because I like the thing that our-- my season did, but the "All Stars 5" trailer-- like, you guys looked super, super good. But we have all seen the seasons where the best four looks were in the trailer, and then the season come, and ain't nothing else to be seen. Will there be more?


JUJUBEE: How dare you, Monet?

MONET X CHANGE: Will we see more fierce looks in "All Stars 5," or was the trailer it. Was that it?

JUJUBEE: The trailer's it, honey. Like [INAUDIBLE]. You know what? You know what? I think-- I think there's a lot of excitement to come, and I think there's a lot of great looks. And Ru was wearing some fierce things, too. You wait for Ru's looks, honey.


MAYHEM MILLER: You know what? I-- I know that people are gonna be very, very [INAUDIBLE] because no one was playing no games when it came to this season.

MONET X CHANGE: Yeah. Derrick, are you-- do you have some ferocity for the girls, for the kids?

DERRICK BARRY: I mean, yeah, of course the trailer is great, and you're gonna see a lot of that. But, I mean, imagine there's, what, eight episodes? So they didn't even begin to-- to see everything. I mean, there's-- there's no possible way. So I know that there's a lot more out there. I've seen it.

MONET X CHANGE: If you could-- sorry.


MONET X CHANGE: If you could Ru do one look from your original season, what would it be?

JUJUBEE: Oh my god.

MAYHEM MILLER: I was hot in my whole season, so I'm good. I'm not-- I'm not reviewing nothing else. It was cute.

JUJUBEE: Wait a minute. Do I just-- do I have to pick just one, or can I pick, like, more than one?


MONET X CHANGE: Your top Ru do look.

JUJUBEE: OK. OK, honestly, did y'all see me-- remember that runway where we-- where it was like executive realness, and I was wearing those pants with those panty lines?

MONET X CHANGE: Yes! Yes, the panty lines.

JUJUBEE: Yes! Did y'all know I had to pay extra for those panty lines?


So I-- I would redo that one, and I think I would put her in pants that fit.


JUJUBEE: A better wig and maybe a more expensive purse.

MONET X CHANGE: Derrick, anything for you?

DERRICK BARRY: Oh, I would have to say between my Tin Man look and my book ball look. I mean, those are the two I lip synced in. Probably the Tin Man. I just wish I would have created something really structural with big shoulders and big hips. And I completely went away from my original design when Ru did the walk through.

He's like, well, don't think-- you know, you don't have to think that shape. I'm like, oh, don't do this? Oh, OK, I won't do that. And so then I went with something just-- you know, here's my tearaway skirt and my horse dick shoulders. And there we are. So I would redo that look.

MONET X CHANGE: So-- so that means that we're gonna get some hems this season.

DERRICK BARRY: I mean, it's-- you're not getting me without a hem. Mhm.

MONET X CHANGE: Walking into the workroom, was there anyone that y'all were genuinely surprised to see in the cast.

DERRICK BARRY: India Ferrah. Shocked.

MONET X CHANGE: India. Everyone is saying India.



DERRICK BARRY: Well, because she said it herself, and I think when you go on "Drag Race," and you talk that poorly about the franchise, and the producers, and the posting of group messages. And it's just a very toxic person to walk into, and-- no pun intended. But to see her was shocking.

JUJUBEE: Oh my god.

DERRICK BARRY: To see that her drag hadn't changed was shocking. And to be in the presence of her in front of who I believe are all stars was shocking.



DERRICK BARRY: Mayhem left the screen.

JUJUBEE: You know what? I think-- I think I'm good. Mayhem, meet me outside. We'll talk about this.

MONET X CHANGE: Oh my god. Derrick-- excuse me.

JUJUBEE: Derrick!

MONET X CHANGE: Oh, I need some air. I need a fan, girl.

JUJUBEE: I got a fan on me.

MAYHEM MILLER: I wasn't ready.

MONET X CHANGE: I was not ready either.

MAYHEM MILLER: I wasn't ready.

DERRICK BARRY: I wasn't ready to see her there either. I thought maybe "All Stars 15," but not 5.

JUJUBEE: Derrick, are there some resentments here?


DERRICK BARRY: Well, people have asked me in the past if, you know-- how it is working with all stars because we know everybody.


DERRICK BARRY: On my season, I didn't know-- I knew Robbie Turner, and I had heard of other people.


DERRICK BARRY: Like Bob and Kim.



JUJUBEE: Oh my gosh.

DERRICK BARRY: But coming into "All Stars," I-- I expected to see everybody there, except her. And it has nothing to do with her talent as a drag queen. It has to do with how she runs her-- her brand online. And I think, when you can't be the same person online that you are in person, then that's half the show.

So for me, it just was shocking to see anybody there that would speak out so much about "Drag Race," and wanting to retire after competing on it, and only being associated with Mimi picking her up. I mean, that's sad that that happened to her, but maybe it's time to find a different avenue.

MONET X CHANGE: Well said. Jujubee?

JUJUBEE: I for-- I don't even know what the question was anymore.

MONET X CHANGE: Is there anyone you were surprised to see?

JUJUBEE: You know, I-- I don't think I could top that. And I am a top, so I [INAUDIBLE]. I-- you know, I want-- wow. I wanted-- I want to say. I actually also want to say India and-- but-- but not in the same way that Derrick is saying, because I didn't know-- because I didn't know-- I don't-- I didn't know India that well. I actually have worked with India a few times, and she's always been really kind to me.


JUJUBEE: But I do recall, you know, those posts and those messages. But I'm also a firm believer of people-- people can change and grow. And-- and I'm going to give the-- the space for that in my mind. And I still love you, Derrick. I know you guys don't get along, apparently. But [INAUDIBLE].

DERRICK BARRY: Oh, no. It-- that has nothing to do with how I felt about her on the season. That has to do with how I felt walking in. 100%.


JUJUBEE: Ah, got it, got it, got it.

MONET X CHANGE: Got it, got it. Mayhem?

MAYHEM MILLER: You know what? I was actually shocked to see Juju.


MAYHEM MILLER: And that's no shade. That's no shade.

JUJUBEE: I know, because she already did it.


MAYHEM MILLER: I was like, because she's been there. I'm like, do you really-- look at me. I'm drooling on myself. I was like, why would you want to put yourself through this bull-- oh, I'm almost said [INAUDIBLE].

MONET X CHANGE: Oh, no, girl, listen. Fuck, fuck, pussy, pussy, pussy.


JUJUBEE: What were you gonna say?

MAYHEM MILLER: I was gonna say, why would you put yourself through the bullshit again? I'm like, it's scary as fuck. And the stress alone will fucking kill you, so I was like, gosh, she's already done this. Like, why would she want to do it again?

DERRICK BARRY: So did you think the same for Alexis, or did you forget that she was on "All Stars 1?"


DERRICK BARRY: I'm just wondering. You just said you were surprised see Jujubee, but not Alexis, so.

MAYHEM MILLER: Derrick! Oh my god!

JUJUBEE: I did not know that Derrick was this spicy. I am-- I-- oh, ho, ho, ho!

DERRICK BARRY: I put oops shirt on just in case I make a mistake today, though. So it's already-- it's already an apology.

MAYHEM MILLER: My god. Oh my god.

JUJUBEE: Britney is god, and god makes no mistakes, so.


MONET X CHANGE: So going back into "All Stars," and I know I can speak for myself, because we-- we all-- when you get eliminated, you have so many things that you want to change about yourself. Is there anything going in that you wanted to prove either to yourself or to the fans?

MAYHEM MILLER: Definitely. I think-- I think going back to "All Stars" is like that-- that self-analyzing thing that you get-- you get to do, and then you get to watch what you do. And a lot of people don't get that opportunity in life to make those adjustments and to actually have tangible evidence of seeing if it actually works. So it's like, for me, I was like-- I saw myself on season 10, and I was very disappointed, because I was like, wait, there's more of me. And I want to give more.

So I went in this time being like, OK, balls to the wall. Don't give a fuck. Just do what you got to do to stick around longer.

MONET X CHANGE: Yeah. I feel that, girl. Juju?

JUJUBEE: Can you repeat the question?



MONET X CHANGE: That's it.

DERRICK BARRY: Just kidding.

MONET X CHANGE: No, is there anything that you-- that you feel like you have to prove to the fans and to yourself.

JUJUBEE: Oh, girl, it's--

MONET X CHANGE: Especially, you know, for you, someone who's coming from one of the older seasons, and they think, oh, they don't how to do this, and that, and the other.

JUJUBEE: Yeah, you know what-- what my biggest thing was-- coming back to a competition like this-- like, I did it so long ago that this wasn't the same competition anymore.


JUJUBEE: It-- like, it's so much harder. Like, you know, I think I had like 10 looks to bring on season two. You know what I mean?

MONET X CHANGE: Wow, really?

JUJUBEE: And like-- yeah, and it wasn't that drawn out. And it was very specific. It was like, this is what you need, you know? But with this one, it was like you had to really be creative. And I think I wanted to show people that I-- that I have that creativity, because I always doubted myself in that. And I always felt like, oh, you-- you're just-- you're just an Asian boy in drag. But I-- I think that I-- I am allowing myself to show people that I'm-- I'm more than just that. So I hope that is shown.

MONET X CHANGE: And Derrick, you know, in the sneak peek, and even now, you gave us a lot of Britney. This is a specific-- a specific question for you.


MONET X CHANGE: Is-- was that your goal going into "All Stars"-- is to still do Britney stuff? And how does that look like in your drag now?

DERRICK BARRY: You know, I think that I did season eight because I wanted to find out what else I wanted to do in drag. And it wasn't during the season that I found that out. It was on the road after, and then it was a finale and after. So I-- I thought I was the best Britney. You can't top this. I'm-- I'm not gonna ever look better than this. And it was when I started realizing, OK, well, I can play with the-- the shape of my face, and I can even look more like her.

So I wanted to walk in and show them a reveal that I loved doing. It's the only way I could top that Elvis jumpsuit. And I wanted to show people that, four years later, I'm still impersonating Britney, but you've never seen me look this good. And I think that that confidence was because of "Drag Race," and because of working with people like Naomi and Kim. And even watching Bob's makeup evolve. Everybody from my season just upped their game, and my game happens to be Britney Spears.

And not one gig did I book after "Drag Race" season eight that said, just come and do two drag numbers. Every contract was two Britney numbers, 30 minute Britney show, one hour Britney show. Whatever it was, it was always bring Britney. So I came back to "All Stars" to bring my better Britney.


JUJUBEE: An hour.

MONET X CHANGE: Well, which brings me to my next question, because I asked-- you know, I'm gonna get your opinion. Who had your-- the most impressive look to you, and who had the least impressive look. I'll start with Mayhem. And-- oh, entrance looks.


MAYHEM MILLER: Entrance look?

MONET X CHANGE: The most impressive and least impressive.

MAYHEM MILLER: Like, who had the best and who had the worst?

MONET X CHANGE: Yeah, who had the-- yeah.

JUJUBEE: You guys could-- you guys could say I had the worst. I just came in in black again. Y'all can choose me.

MAYHEM MILLER: Well, apparently people don't like Amazon, so I think I had the worst [INAUDIBLE].


DERRICK BARRY: You should get Amazon Prime for life, Mayhem.

JUJUBEE: Honestly.

DERRICK BARRY: You should.

MAYHEM MILLER: Maybe! Seriously, can Amazon [INAUDIBLE]?

MONET X CHANGE: Mayhem, people were so upset about the Amazon look. Have you--

JUJUBEE: But it was gorgeous.

DERRICK BARRY: And it was stoned. It looked amazing.

MAYHEM MILLER: It had stones.



JUJUBEE: Did you do it yourself? Did you do it yourself?


JUJUBEE: Did you stone it yourself?


JUJUBEE: See? That's drag.

MAYHEM MILLER: I was stoning the night before we walked out on that stage, because you know, girl, you be sitting in that room like, should I wear this? Should I not? What can I jazz up a little bit extra? So I was like--


DERRICK BARRY: I love that.

MONET X CHANGE: And who had-- who had the most impressive look to you?


JUJUBEE: You could hear her.

MAYHEM MILLER: You could hear her--

DERRICK BARRY: You could hear her coming in.

JUJUBEE: You could hear her coming.

MAYHEM MILLER: --walk on set.



MAYHEM MILLER: And we're like, what is that?

JUJUBEE: She was the last one to come in, right?

DERRICK BARRY: Yeah, she was 10.

JUJUBEE: She was the last one to come in?

DERRICK BARRY: Yeah, Mayhem was nine.

JUJUBEE: I was like-- I was like, I think Santa Claus is coming to town, guys.

MAYHEM MILLER: It sounded like a sleigh bell, so we were like, what is going on? And I'm like, I did a Christmas special, so what-- what is happening right now?

DERRICK BARRY: They're early.

MAYHEM MILLER: But girl, when she came through that corner, I was like, oh my god. What the fuck?

JUJUBEE: Ongina?


MONET X CHANGE: Jujubee, for you, who was the least impressive, most impressive?

JUJUBEE: That's so mean that you would make me-- you know, that's so--

DERRICK BARRY: Choose just one.

JUJUBEE: That's so fucking mean. Yeah, just-- choose just one. OK, the most impressive to me-- I'm going to have to agree-- was Ongina, because that was like-- I think that weighed, like, so much more than she does.

MONET X CHANGE: Right, that's what I was saying.

JUJUBEE: So it was-- it looked heavy. I mean, she held that-- she wore that shit all day. She wore that all day. And I think it was-- I think it was cultural for her, so that was really special, too.



JUJUBEE: The least impressive-- I mean, I'm gonna-- I'm just-- I'm gonna say Mayhem because she wore that Amazon [INAUDIBLE].


MAYHEM MILLER: [INAUDIBLE]. Wait a minute! Hold up!

JUJUBEE: I-- hey, I'm just picking who you picked.



JUJUBEE: Sis, I'm agreeing with you.

MAYHEM MILLER: You over there with that damn mall dress. Fuck you, bitch. At least mine came in two days with free shipping.


JUJUBEE: Can I tell you-- can I tell you something? Can I-- let me finish, though. I am saying that as I'm wearing my Amazon dress.


And I can prove it to you, 'cause I'm gonna send you the link right after this.


JUJUBEE: This is all through Amazon.

MAYHEM MILLER: Please send it to me.

JUJUBEE: Yeah. Yeah. This is the Amazon, so.

MONET X CHANGE: Derrick, what about you? Least impressive, most impressive.

DERRICK BARRY: Oh, man. OK, well, they did ask me in interviews who I was surprised wore what they wore. And I had said Shea because I didn't know that was her backdrop, and I didn't see her carrying the little-- like, it was a full jet setting Eleganza, and I got that in the promo. But just walking in, I was like, wow, I thought Shea would be like done with crystals. And I just-- I've worked with Shea. I've seen her before.

But then, with the backstory of it being her backdrop at DragCon, I was like, oh my god. That is-- that's amazing, like, full circle to take that material, and make an outfit and a whole entire look. So I appreciated that one more after. My--

MONET X CHANGE: Say it, bitch.

JUJUBEE: Was it your worst look or your best look?

DERRICK BARRY: I-- well, I-- that was what I originally had thought. Like, what is Shea wearing? Let's see. My-- my favorite was-- I'm-- oh, god, I'm gonna be conceited and say me because I'm real. Like, sorry.

JUJUBEE: I knew she was gonna say herself!

MONET X CHANGE: Oh, work, girl.

DERRICK BARRY: I just-- I think it's cool. I know I borrowed that look from Britney. You know, I stole it, but-- but I loved that. And India was the only other one to do the-- the reveal that said old, and I just liked my reveal better than that.

MAYHEM MILLER: It said old school.

DERRICK BARRY: Oh. I missed the second part.


MAYHEM MILLER: What the fuck is happening?

JUJUBEE: I don't know, but my--

MONET X CHANGE: Derrick, I live. OK, so now we found out that there is a twist. Were you shook, relieved, or bothered when you found out about the-- about the twist, Juju?

JUJUBEE: Do you really want me to talk about this twist?

MONET X CHANGE: Yes. So now, while-- Bob had a really funny tweet the other day. He was saying no one-- literally no one-- RuPaul all sorts of rules are changed! Like, he's-- he's-- they change the rules. Anybody know what he's talking about.


MONET X CHANGE: Were you shook, bothered, or relieved about the twist this season, Jujubee?

JUJUBEE: Honestly, I-- I was totally shook, but at the same time, I wasn't, because I always expect something like that to happen. And I feel like Ru Paul is like that crazy mom who will just be like, let's just-- let's sprinkle a little shade and stir a possum into this mix. You know what I mean?

MONET X CHANGE: Yeah, yeah.

JUJUBEE: And we do it because we're-- we're all stars. Like, we just-- they know we can jump, you know, through a fire hoop, and we're gonna do it. So that's what it was. I hated it, but I had to do it.

MONET X CHANGE: Yo, girl, yeah. May May?

MAYHEM MILLER: All the above. [INAUDIBLE] I sat there, and I was like, really? What? Oh. Like, I-- I went through all the emotions. I was like, oh my god, what?


MAYHEM MILLER: But, you know, I-- I was expecting for something to be [INAUDIBLE].

MONET X CHANGE: Uh-oh. Mayhem has left the chat.

DERRICK BARRY: She was expecting to go.

MONET X CHANGE: Oh, there we go.

DERRICK BARRY: She expecting to go off.

MAYHEM MILLER: Sorry. But yeah, I was expecting something. I definitely was expecting something, but not that.


DERRICK BARRY: I would have to say pure shock, because I-- we watched "All Stars 2" to "4," and the rules hadn't changed. And I knew that they weren't going to go back to teams just based on, you know, the fan reaction to that season. So complete shock, and I still didn't understand what was happening, who's coming, who is voting, what-- it was so confusing that I was probably just-- the whole time I just didn't get it, you know?

MONET X CHANGE: Yeah. I have a fan question for Juju.

JUJUBEE: Oh, dear lord.

MONET X CHANGE: This is from @wiglies.


MONET X CHANGE: He says, which lip sync of yours is your favorite?

JUJUBEE: My favorite lip sync-- I want to say "Black Velvet," but I don't remember much of it.


So yeah, if I could remember it, it was-- it would be black velvet. That would be my favorite lip sync.

MONET X CHANGE: @EugeneDWalters says, any queens you wish were on this season of "All Stars" that you really wanted to compete against?

JUJUBEE: Nicole Paige Brooks.

DERRICK BARRY: I would've love to have seen-- oh.

MONET X CHANGE: Go ahead, Jujubee.

JUJUBEE: I said Nicole Paige Brooks.

MONET X CHANGE: Nicole Paige Brooks. Uh-huh, OK. Derrick?

DERRICK BARRY: I would have loved to have seen someone from my season. I-- I still would love to see Kim Chi back because we-- we know her creativity. And I think that that would be phenomenal to see, and I--

MONET X CHANGE: So you wanted, like-- so you wanted a bigger challenge is what you're saying?

DERRICK BARRY: Well, I-- I just-- I would've liked to have someone from my season. I was all by myself, and so that was-- and I would've loved to see Kim there, even though she would've beat me. Then, I mean, I still would've loved to see Kim there.

MONET X CHANGE: Work. What about you, Mayhem?

MAYHEM MILLER: I wanted you to be there, because I need a rematch.


MONET X CHANGE: (SINGING) Man, I feel like a woman. Triggered. Listen, ladies, before we go, is there any last words you want to say? Because this season looks so shady, and I have to say, I'm very excited to watch it now.

JUJUBEE: It's not shady. Is it shady?

MONET X CHANGE: I mean, that's what the girls are saying.

MAYHEM MILLER: I don't know.

JUJUBEE: I-- I don't--

MAYHEM MILLER: I guess we'll see on Friday.


DERRICK BARRY: I'm excited to find out who that pig in that wig is, so all will be revealed soon.

JUJUBEE: You said that, didn't you?

MONET X CHANGE: On that note--

DERRICK BARRY: Well, I just-- I repeated it. I repeated. It's different when you repeat it. I wasn't the source.

MONET X CHANGE: On that note, thank you so much, ladies. And I thank the fans. Y'all have all made us very excited to watch "All Stars" season 5.


MONET X CHANGE: And that was a cast of "All Stars 5." We're super excited for this season, and can't wait to see y'all bitches be shady. Mhm. Until next time, thank you.