The X Change Rate: Jonathan Bennett

In "The X Change Rate," award-winning drag queen, entertainer and TV personality Monét X Change brings her signature wit, heart and style to BUILD Series. Monét sat down to chat with actor Jonathan Bennett about starring in the upcoming, first gay Hallmark movie, "The Christmas House," his career and more.

Video Transcript


MONÉT X CHANGE: Hey y'all, it's your girl Monét and welcome back to "The X Change Rate," a talk show where we believe masks are what? Fundamental. That was for me. Did you like that, Patti? OK, we have a great show for you all today. Because on Thursdays we wear whatever the fuck we want, and chat with a man that still makes my heart flutter. Jonathan Bennett is here. I know right, he does. But first, let's get into the gig.


MONÉT X CHANGE: Here we are. I am-- I know it is like the 93rd time I'm saying this, but I am on my lovely little health journey. Don't shame me. I don't need y'all's judgment. I just drooled a little bit, let's soak that up. I didn't mean to-- what's the word?-- to reference myself. She's a self-referential queen. You know what I'm saying?

Yeah, so I'm on my little diet thing. And I feel differently about it this time because in my mind, or my brain, Coronavirus will be coming to an end, you know early next year, or like mid next year, or like summer next year. So if I want to get like fierce and cut for next summer, I'm starting now. Like no holds bar, starting now so that I can lose the weight slowly but surely. You know what I mean? Like that's how it's working in my brain. So let's all hope and pray for me that all goes well.

This past week I went to an outlet mall. I have not been outlet shopping since like Black Friday. I want to say my freshman year of college when I went to go visit family in Delaware, I went to Virginia Beach or-- no Rehoboth Beach. I went to the Rehoboth Beach Tanger Outlets. And outlet shopping is fierce, but I realized that all of them is the same thing. Like it's OshKosh B'gosh, the Nike store, Gap, American Apparel-- I mean American Eagle. Oh my God, rip American Apparel, damn.

And yeah, it was really cute. It was really busy for a Sunday evening. I'm like, don't y'all motherfuckers got work tomorrow? This is crazy. And I went into-- I also realized how shady and cutthroat people are. I'm not kidding you, a 73-year-old woman body checked the shit out of me at Hunter. So we're in line and then I didn't-- I think she had left the line to do something and she was two ahead of me. So then she-- the person in front of me went. And I'm thinking-- because there were lines in the stores. So I think I'm next. So as like they're opening the door, she literally pushes past me. Like pushes me out of the way.

Now I don't know if she was 73 but she had really bad skin, really wrinkly so-- you know, she don't moisturize. So either she's in her early 20s and just really, really, really bad at moisturizing, or she's 73 and she looks great. Either, or, whatever. I also had Auntie Annie's, which I love Auntie Annie's. That's like the best food in the world.

And yeah, the temperature's dropping in New York City, which I love. Summer's cute, but fall and spring are where you really see fashion, for me in New York City. Like New York City's where you see like the scarfs, and you see like the really dope coats and the jackets, and this, that and the other. So I love it. I love layering and I love looking like, you know, comfy but fierce. Because you know I'm a onesie kind of girl or I'm pretty lazy, but when I want to go off or go in, I want to be free and liberated. And fall and spring give me that vibe.

And it's also cuffing season. Because you know, it's the fall. It's getting colder. It's going to be winter soon. And that's where everybody be booed up. I have not been booed up for the past two winters, but whatever. Umm that's because niggas is shady. And that's what I'm going to chuck it to. But who it's not cuffing season for, is Jeffree motherfucking Star. There are people who are just always in the center, in the midst-- y'all see how I-- midst of controversy, and Jeffree Star as one of them. I feel like we-- the World was just talking about Jeffree Star. He did something else scandalous recently.

I think it was when he did that video of him sitting on his couch at home, with like that rainbow hair, which was super fucking ugly. Jeffree Star normally has like cute hairdos and shit, but that one was just not the move sis. But yeah she did that thing where she was sitting on her couch and she was talking about the Black Lives Matter thing and all that stuff. And we all called bullshit. And she was in the news a few weeks ago for having this new boyfriend, dating this new guy. His name is Andre Marhold. Now allegedly, he's from a basketball team. I don't know what basketball team it is. But Jeffrey posted a picture of him sitting-- what's the thing when you sit on somebody? Like you sit on them like this with your legs--

- Straddle someone?

MONÉT X CHANGE: Yes. She was she was straddling this beautiful black man and nobody knew who it was. But then-- y'all know the-- you cannot hide from the internet. The internet will find you and find your family and stop them. And so we all figured out it was Andre Marhold with all his tattoos and shit. And Jeffree revealed that they were together. But Jeffree was saying, oh don't worry about who I'm fucking. Because everyone with calling bullshit because you just-- a lot of people called him out for A, a lot of his racism back in the day, and being not necessarily here for black content creators and for the whole Black Lives Matter movement. And it just was really conspicuous that now he had this black boyfriend.

I'm not saying Jeffree cannot date outside of his race, but it just all seemed like the perfect time for all of that. You know what I mean? And we wasn't here for all of that. Anyway, long story short, he posted them being in vacation in Wyoming, and this, that and the other. And saying that it's his new boo and Jeffree Star was like pampering him. Like there's a picture of Andre getting a fucking a number one Caesar low fade and Jeffree Star is like being his footstool. Which, let's be honest, Jeffree Star ain't doing in real-- Or maybe he is, I don't know.

Andre might have the kind of dick honey that you will do whatever he asks of you. We've all been there. I've been there. You've been there. Patti has definitely been there. All right, so you know. And maybe that's what Andre got. But then it all got crazy because they unfollowed each other on social media. And Jeffrey has deleted Andre's pictures on his Insta. And he's accusing Andre of stealing his stuff. So they broke up and then Jeffree went on this Snapchat or Insta story-- because you know it's all so conflated now, some people--

- Instagram.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Instagram. That's a Insta story.

- He left a comment on one of his Instagrams.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Oh Jeffree left a comment on one of Andre's Instagram? Jeffree left a comment on one of Andre's Instagrams, accusing him of stealing. So apparently they broke up and Andre stole Louis Vuitton bags and other things in Jeffree's home. Now we don't know if these were gifts from Jeffree, or maybe loaned from Jeffree, whatever the case may be, Jeffree's mad. And Jeffree wants his shit back. And he said that Andre lied about who he was. He lied about having a job. Andre didn't even have a bank account.

Now, if you are an-- of if you were an NBA star, how do you not have a bank account? I feel that Andre was just not-- Andre looked at this as a business transaction. And he was just not letting Jeffree into his life like that. He's like, I'm using this motherfucker to get what I want. In fact, when they started dating black Twitter is so shady, they're like-- [LAUGHING] when the picture of them together, black Twitter was like, when the new PS5 come out and know you watching. [LAUGHING] Which, I was like they better stop playing. That shit is so funny.

And then Andre never commented about it on his own profile, on his own Instagram. All of these like allegedly fake accounts started talking about it. And this one got really, really, really wild, saying that Jeffree's relationship to him was was purely transactional. Jeffree paid him $100,000 to pose as his boyfriend. And it was crazy, like they were like baiting people to these Instagram accounts, saying that they were going to expose Jeffree. And then they like posted pictures of HIV/AIDS medication saying that it was Jeffree's. And he like exposing Jeffree for being HIV positive.

I'm like first of all, what in the stigma and what in the shady ass message is that? I'm first-- like are you a fucking fool? And the medication was like from some doctor in Pennsylvania. And it just clearly looked like it had no correlation to Jeffree. This person just found like a Google search image for medication and said it was Jeffree's. So that didn't hold any water. But what made it weird was that Jeffree was privately messaging one of these accounts, and saying that, oh you signed an NDA. You can't do this. So it made Jeffrey look a little guilty because what--

I mean Beyonce got people signing NDAs when they hang out with her. And Jeffree is someone-- again, like we were saying, he's always the center of some controversy. So having people sign an NDA is not weird in that regard. But Jeffree messaging the account makes it seem like this person is saying some truthful things. So maybe this was an arranged relationship and he was paid to be his boyfriend. But, you know, I don't think we'll ever find out the true motherfucking tea. And as a [INAUDIBLE], that's all that has gone on right now. I'm going to keep following this story because I think it's so messy and it's so ridiculous and I'm obsessed.

But you know, for somebody who was in the past going off on Instagram, on Twitter, calling people nigger this, nigger that, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger-- You know, you get a little judged too, honey. But I don't-- OK I don't think anyone should be going through something so crazy, but you know I'm going to keep on watching.

Something that I did watch that I am absolutely obsessed with, is the Rihanna, Savage X Fenty mother tuckin' show. Oh my God, what a great, great, great fashion show. Like I can't even begin to tell you. It was just so beautiful and it was so artsy and it was so eclectic and so creative. They featured so-- like literally the rainbow of people that could have featured in this fashion show was covered, everyone Black, white, Asian, Latin. They had models who were amputees. They had the beautiful model that has the one arm. Like skinny, medium size, plus size, everybody, all the bases were covered. They had even menswear. They had menswear.

Let's look at some of the celebrities that where there. Cara Delevigne was in it. Bella Hadid, Soo Joo Park, Rosalia, Lizzo, Normany, Travis Scott, Bag Bunny-- which Bad Bunny looked a little crazy. The outfit was cute, but what was on his head? Was that-- that had to have been a wig. Did y'all think that? I think it was a wig because it-- like he was trying to do some vibe. And Bad Bunny's hot as hell. I mean, I wouldn't say no. But he was a little crazy. Shea Couleé, Gigi and Jaida was in there. And Shea got the biggest feature. Shea had like a whole moment of dialogue to the thing. She was doing all these poses. And she had that fierce walk at the end.

And then they had Demi Moore. Demi Moore-- I want to say Demi Moore is in her early 60s, right?

- Has to be.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Right, Demi Moore is like in her early 60s and she looked fucking fierce. Indya Moore, oh my God, Indya Moore's scene was so hot. Lizzo with that blue lace, it was just honestly every-- Paris Hilton. OK no shade, I was shocked that Paris Hilton still looks-- that sounds so messy to say-- but Paris Hilton looks so good. Like the body was right, the skin-- talk about the 73-year-old lady at Hunter. Paris-- that's what moisturizing looks like ladies and gentlemen because Paris Hilton-- Well, when Paris was first on the scene what she really young? Are we just--

- She was really young.

SIRI: Paris Hilton is 39 years old.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Oh my God, everyone is-- Beyoncé, Paris, Britney Spears, and someone else, our guest today, Jonathan Bennett, he's-- everyone is 39 years old. What is that? What a magical year to be born 30-- uh, 1981. Here we are I'm stuck in the fucking '90s. I'm a 90s baby. When were you born Patti?

- Literally a year before you.


- What, how old are you?


- How old are you?


- How old are you?


- How old are you?


- How old are you?


- How old are you?

MONÉT X CHANGE: But yeah, it was just really such a great show. Honestly, I'm going to watch it again tonight probably. Because as y'all know, I am Rhianna obsessed. She's my queen, my goddess, my diva. I love her so much, even though she doesn't follow me on any social media.

- She's following like--

MONÉT X CHANGE: Right, Rihanna loves every other drag queen beside me. Literally every drag queen-- I literally paid homage to her in season four of "All Stars" in my angelic white look, because I love her so much. And then her stylist commented on it, the guy who made the thing. And they were like, oh my God Monét better work. Rhianna was like, hmm, like no time. But you know, that's all right I'm going to keep standing. I am-- Rihanna is to me, as Madonna is to Michelle Visage literally. Like that is the level of shade messery we got working on here.

They did-- so there was one small tiny controversy with the Rihanna Fenty show. They're receiving backlash-- a lot of it is on Twitter-- from the Muslim community because they were using Hadiths, which are like sacred and highly revered records of traditions or sayings from the prophet Mohammed. It's like parts of the Quran, that they had in one of-- in a song called, "Doom," by the music-- by the producer, COUCOU CHLOE. So, you know, and it's like really religious texts and they just don't feel like it was great to put in there. Because the song is called "Doom" and the text is talking about-- it's like very revelations, very like end of the World, like very that. So it just felt a little insensitive.

And the artist apologized about it. But Rihanna and the team has not commented, but-- [INAUDIBLE], when you're doing these big shows, people are like, Rihanna how dare you? Obviously you cannot-- you hire a team to help you out. Rihanna's not overseeing every little-- I mean as much as she can, but you know little things like that slip through the crack. And the artist apologized, and I'm sure the Rhianna crew will-- Oh, Rhianna did apologize! Look at me. Literally an update was just put into the [INAUDIBLE]. Rihanna apologized. So Rhianna apologized about it. This is-- we're working in real time here at "The X Change Rate," honey. Rhianna did apologize-- you see, I told you all she would. I told y'all. Yay, Rhianna, woo!

The Latin Grammys are coming soon, quick, fast and in a hurry. And girl, there's a lot of queer representation at the Latin Grammys. This is all really great news. Pablo Alborán is nominated for Record of the Year, for his [INAUDIBLE], "Cuando estés aquí." That's when you're here? Or when you were here, something like that. And he came out early this year during during Pride month, in like a really like really, really, really emotional Instagram video. Because you know, we all know like black and brown communities we oftentimes struggle a little bit more with queer acceptance and all that stuff. So he had a really big moment with that.

Ricky Martin-- shout out to Ricky Martin. He is definitely not 1981. He's like 1971. Fired. Uh, Ricky Martin is up for two awards this quarantine, after the release of his song, "Pausa," and Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocals. So Ricky Martin is-- he might do it. Come on get-- Hey Siri, how old is Ricky Martin?

SIRI: Ricky Martin is 48 years old.

MONÉT X CHANGE: 48, let's do the math. So yeah, oh my God I was right. Bitch I am on it today. And Pabllo Vittar, the drag performer from Brazil, made history in 2018 when he was the first-- he was the first drag queen to ever be nominated for a Grammy. That's crazy. I don't think people understand how big of a celebrity Pabllo Vittar is. Like Pabllo Vittar is the most followed drag queen in the World. Pabllo Vittar is a mother tuckin' pop star. Like you go to Brazil, he is literally-- he's like legit like Britney Spears. Like he is a huge like megastar.

And so he was the first drag queen to ever be-- or maybe Ru. We should check that. Pabllo Vittar was the first drag queen to be nominated for a Grammy, I guess. Maybe just a Latin Grammy. Patti's going to check that out and then we'll get back to y'all. But for the song, "AmarElo," is nominated for Portuguese Language Song. So yeah, work Pabllo Vittar, work bitch.

Well, if you want to catch the Latin Grammys, it airs on Univision, on November 19th. And let's root for all this queer representation, honey. I want queer people to dominate the World. Take over the mother tuckin' World. I'm trying my best not to curse. You kind of got to try-- can you all see? I'm trying, I'm like changing F-ing to tucking, and little things like that. I'm a very big curser. I love just saying a good four letter F word. It just feels good for my soul. So I'm trying, all right, I'm trying. And because it's October and it's the month of Halloween, we have a special little gig segment, a little spooktacular. Hit the graphic.


MONÉT X CHANGE: This is our first time trying-- I don't even know what it's called yet.


And today's Halloween highlight-- ooh, we should call them Halloween highlights, you know like it's a highlight in the World, but also like highlights. You know what I'm saying? Who is it?

- Oh apparently, yes he is the first person to be nominated for a Grammy. But the first drag queens that like submitted for nominations were like a whole list of--

MONÉT X CHANGE: OK, but he's the first one to be nominated?

- Yes.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Work, work Pabllo. So yes, we should call it Halloween highlights, crew and team and everybody. So it is what it is today, but next week it might be Halloween highlights. Because we're working in real time, kind of, to get you guys a good show. And today we're focusing on "Hocus Pocus." I have to say, "Hocus Pocus" is a Halloween staple and classic for me. I don't even just relegated it to just Halloween. I watch it pretty much consistently all year round, like two or three times out of the year. And it's just such a good movie. But what y'all may not know is the film was released in 1993 and it was a flop. It did not do exceptionally well, even though it has a pretty big star studded cast. You had Bette Midler. You had Kathy Najimy. You had Sarah Jessica Parker-- which was Sarah Jessica Parker really huge in '90? [INAUDIBLE] wasn't really huge, because "Sex and The City" was obviously her claim to fame. So, what?

- Well, she had done like "Blossom" or whatever.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Well, "Blossom" but she wasn't like a-- "Sex and the City" made her SJP, you know what I mean? So it doesn't-- but it's still a pretty--

- She's in "First Wives Club" with Bette already.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Oh, she did do "First Wives Club." Yeah, so Sarah Jessica Parker was in it. And she [INAUDIBLE], we're not diminishing SJP. Which I would love to get her on the show to talk about the Kim Cattrall "Sex and the City" drama. Because I feel like none of them have sat in an interview and like addressed it. And "Sex and the City" is one of like-- Kim Cattrall has and she was like, don't talk about that bitch. Fuck that bitch, like all that stuff. But I want to like sit down with SJP to get her side of the story and see her and how she really feels. Because I think that would be so good.

Anyway, uhh yeah it was a flop. It was not really good. Until a few years later, it became like a huge cult classic. And it's like a must-see family film. We all know the plot of "Hocus Pocus." I won't bother y'all with the plot. But the original title was "Halloween House." And it was going to be more like scary about these like three witches that are like terrorizing little kids, like more on the horror side. Instead of what it is now, which is it's like slapstick kind of comedy about these witches. One is really fair, so the other two are kind of bumbling around you know I mean?

Another fun fact, guess who was supposed to play Max. Leonardo Dicaprio. Could you imagine Leo? Which I totally see that for Leo. That is so him. Why did he say no? Well it's [MUMMBLING]. And now there's a sequel in development. It is set to go, but they haven't confirmed if all of the big names-- the original big names like Bette and Kathy and Sarah Jessica Parker-- will be all on board. This year it is being limitedly released in like drive-ins and such. You know because of COVID, and so no one's going to a theater. But it is leading the box office charts, 27 years after it premiered in theaters. Isn't that crazy that a movie that came out 27 years ago is grossing the box office right now. It's set to make about a million dollars this Halloween season, which is pretty fierce. I hope they got some royalties on that bitch, honey, cashing in, okurr.

Yeah so if you are not a "Hocus Pocus" fan, you've never seen it, you need to watch this movie. It's a great film. And when the sequel comes out, you'll be grateful that you had this little segment to let you know that you fucking up. And you need to watch "Hocus Pocus" so we can be in the know when number two comes out. [VOCALIZATION], boom.

Somewhat on the topic of dietification, here is a three-year-old video of me back in the day, when I was-- surprise-- on yet another fitness journey.

Oh, look, it is you again.


MONÉT X CHANGE: And welcome back to "I Feel Skinny." And I am your girl Monét X Change. And today we are here in the West Village, in New York City, for a lovely, lovely, lovely workout class called 305 Fitness. Now I don't know where 305 is, but I'm ready to just pop it.

(SINGING) You know that I love you, baby. You know that I love you, baby. You know that I love you, baby. Ooh, ooh, ooh. You know that I love you, baby.

MONÉT X CHANGE: We're about to get snootched again, girl. I've heard a lot about this fitness class. I've heard it is crazy, it's intense. But it's dancing, you know? And I feel like I'm like a natural born like mover, so it's not going to be too hard for me, because I'm what? Sickening. Let's welcome our lovely, beautiful instructor, Walter.

WALTER KEMP: What's up, what's up?

MONÉT X CHANGE: Hello, Walter.

WALTER KEMP: Hey beautiful.

MONÉT X CHANGE: How are you?

WALTER KEMP: Better now.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Walter, I'm very excited about 305 Fitness. I've heard it's everything. What can you tell us about it?

WALTER KEMP: It's a 55-minute cardio workout.

MONÉT X CHANGE: That's like an hour.

WALTER KEMP: Just about.


WALTER KEMP: The first 30 minutes is cardio non-stop.

MONÉT X CHANGE: And y'all have like strobes and there's like lights and shit.

WALTER KEMP: It's a lot going on. Like I always feel really horny after class, like-- no for real.

MONÉT X CHANGE: And how long have you taught 305 Fitness?

WALTER KEMP: I've been here for about two years.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Two years? So would you say that you're a 305 pro, or a 305 ho?

WALTER KEMP: Um, both.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Do you have to be like a really good dancer for this class? I mean I'm like-- I'm a mover, I'm not a dancer.

WALTER KEMP: No, no, no I'm telling you, if you can walk, you can move. You can dance. Listen, you're going to be in good hands.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Well I struggle walking sometimes too. And what does the 305 stand for, by the way? Is that--

WALTER KEMP: It's the area code for Miami. So it's a Miami themed class.


WALTER KEMP: Yeah, (RAPPING) 305, take it to the house, MIA.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Is it 305? Yeah, Pitbull said 3--


MONÉT X CHANGE: Pitbull, got it, got it.



WALTER KEMP: Trick Daddy.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Trina's from Miami?


MONÉT X CHANGE: I though that bitch was from New York City.

WALTER KEMP: You did not think that.

MONÉT X CHANGE: I did. Or maybe that's the other one, Remy Ma. OK oh my God, I am just mixing Black people up. Look at me, that is a mess. Any cool celebrities? I've heard celebrities have been up here. Like any celebrities? Even look, Monét X Change is here.

WALTER KEMP: I was going to say, other than you, honey. I think, EJ Johnson is one of my favorite celebrities.


WALTER KEMP: I love seeing him here.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Hashtag doppelganger, you know.


MONÉT X CHANGE: Ish, but you know he-- listen, if we are doppelgangers hopefully I can doppelganger his fucking money, all right.

WALTER KEMP: I was about to say, give me that coin.

MONÉT X CHANGE: I think I've see it on "Love & Hip Hop" too.

WALTER KEMP: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah "Love & Hip Hop." We did it on "Love & Hip Hop" too. There's a lot going on around here, you know?

MONÉT X CHANGE: Well you know, I like to consider myself like the new generation of "Love & Hip Hop," gay and hip hop, you know what I'm saying?


MONÉT X CHANGE: Gay and love and hip hop.


MONÉT X CHANGE: VH1, get it together.

WALTER KEMP: Catch it.

MONÉT X CHANGE: That's it, gay and love and hip hop. That's cute.

WALTER KEMP: This is my wife.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Well listen, I'm very excited today. I hope I sweat. I hope I lose some pounds.

WALTER KEMP: Trust me, you will.



MONÉT X CHANGE: Very, a lot--


MONÉT X CHANGE: OK. Walter don't do it. Walter, you are tickling my fantasy and I am into it. Well let's go.

WALTER KEMP: Let's get it.

MONÉT X CHANGE: OK, here we go.

WALTER KEMP: All right, we've got to warm up. We've got to just shake it up and down, like that.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Uh, uh, uh.


(SINGING) Go, tag team [INAUDIBLE].

WALTER KEMP: What's up guys? My name is Walter. I'm going to be your cardio fitness instructor today. Do I have any first timers in the house? Raise your hand if it's your first time.


WALTER KEMP: All right y'all, get those arms [INAUDIBLE].


(SINGING) They talking 'bout me 'cause they never been relevant, haters won't copy but I'm never done stuntin' trick. Watch when I walk into a room, it gets lit. And since we talking 'bout my ball, I drop a couple of hits. My daddy, Laramie, pretty my momma [INAUDIBLE]. Mix that west side with that south to get that cocky. I'm country fat. I like my money blue and loud strong. Do not care what you do, where you've been, or who you know. I [INAUDIBLE] my mind, don't waste no time, and I ain't never stopping. I've got moves to make and I'm bad, yeah. I'm [INAUDIBLE], I know it. I work hard and show it. I stunt hard, got hard balls. Got bad girls sipping Moet. Imperial bout the [INAUDIBLE], don't give a damn 'bout the haters. I stay fly and save up so serious 'bout my paper.



- [INAUDIBLE] boys.


MONÉT X CHANGE: Ooh, ooh bitch, that was intense. It was everything. It was one of the most fun workouts I've ever done in my life, bitch. These motherfuckers are twerking and jerking and doing things that I didn't know my body could do. But I feel like I lost a pound, or 10. It was everything. And I have to think the amazing, incredible-- Walter bring your ass over here. Bitch, that was fucking fun.

WALTER KEMP: I told you.

MONÉT X CHANGE: It was a fucking fun. It was so exciting.

WALTER KEMP: Thank you.


MONÉT X CHANGE: And like, y'all like, I was feeling like my hoodrat fantasy.


MONÉT X CHANGE: I feel like a really cool soccer mom in Dayton, Ohio. And I just picked up her kids from-- like I just dropped them off at soccer practice. And now I'm going to do my own thing.


MONÉT X CHANGE: Like the first 30 minutes were non-stop cardio.

WALTER KEMP: Non-stop cardio.

MONÉT X CHANGE: And I was nervous about it, but I was having so much fun. It didn't even feel like 30 minutes.


MONÉT X CHANGE: Everybody in the class just had so much energy, especially Miss thing with the braids.

WALTER KEMP: Oh, that's Kiara, she's the shit.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Oh girl, when I leave my apartment in the Bronx and I got on the 2 train, I'm like that's me. That's who I think I am in my mind.

WALTER KEMP: Everybody, every Black queen stans [INAUDIBLE]

MONÉT X CHANGE: Listen, if y'all enjoyed this episode of "I Feel Skinny," like, comment, share, subscribe and see what other crazy workouts that I'm going to do. And find Walter too.


MONÉT X CHANGE: I love you guys. And until next time, "I Feel Skinny."

WALTER KEMP: Snatched.

MONÉT X CHANGE: You know in another life, where I was two inches taller and not built like somebody's auntie cooking collard greens, I could have been a heartthrob. I earnestly believe so. Lucky for us, someone who officially checks all of those boxes is here. Please welcome the lovely, Jonathan Bennett.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Reporting for duty, heartthrob here. Thank you, thank you very much.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Jonathan, how are you, boo?

JONATHAN BENNETT: I am so good. I am so grateful to be talking to you.


Oh, the dog has brought me a dinosaur. And we're going to have to go away because we're doing an interview, bud. All right, so we go play in our room now.

[DOG TOY SQEAKING] So this is real life in the quarantine, right?

MONÉT X CHANGE: I love talk to their pets like kids.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Oh wow. Babe maybe we do get the dog. Yeah, come on out. Sorry, there's dog pandemonium. Go-- take him in the back, there we go. I'm doing good.

MONÉT X CHANGE: How many dogs do you have?

WALTER KEMP: We have one but we're dog-sitting a friend of ours. So now it's like they're really excited to be together, so they just wrestle all day. But I doing great. How are you?

MONÉT X CHANGE: I'm doing good. So you have a dog. I recently got a cat. And I would love to cat-sit so they could play. But I know cats are different. Cats will literally like destroy each other if I cat-sitted someone else's cat.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Right, but do you-- now see I'm not a cat person but you love it. Tell me why you love your cat.

MONÉT X CHANGE: You know what, I love my cat because she's sweet and she's very affectionate.


MONÉT X CHANGE: Honestly, Sphinxes are very dog-like. They like to-- like she plays fetch and like--


MONÉT X CHANGE: Yeah she's great.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen, Monét. I mean honey we can be on brand all day, all day honey. Because I feel like with cats they're like-- they do that thing where they're like hi. And then you go to pet them and they're like, no, no I don't want it.

MONÉT X CHANGE: She's not like that. She's not like that.

JONATHAN BENNETT: No, I don't want you. I don't want you.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Well first of all, she doesn't have a rotating chair like you. So she literally can't do that.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Well we need to do some more Instagram posts so we can buy her a rotating chair. By the way, swipe up now and save 15% on this rotating chair, just kidding.

MONÉT X CHANGE: So Jonathan-- wait do you go by Jonathan or are you just Jon?

JONATHAN BENNETT: Yeah, Jonathan. I felt like Jon sounds like a toilet sometimes so I kind of went with Jonathan. I think that is better. There's not a lot of Jonathans, like Jonathan Lipnicki, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jonathan Bennet. That's all you got.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Yeah. And so, I know that you save a lot of your exclusives for your boo on Access. But I have to tell you, congratulations on the Hallmark movie. That is-- you are the first openly gay character to be featured in a hallmark movie. And that is incredible.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Thank you so much. I mean, I've said this before, but like there just aren't any words for it. it's? So exciting and you know, it's the first time there is a same sex story line featured as one of the lead story lines. And it's so awesome because the movie it's just about family. And it's about what a family looks like in 2020, you know? And it's beautiful, and it's so well done. And I'm just-- [CLAPPING] I'm really excited. It's going to be big.

And you know, I think by this coming out, hopefully all the little 10-year-old Jonathans-- which I've said this-- but like the 10-year-old me that's in middle of nowhere Ohio, watching Christmas movies with his family. Maybe this Christmas he'll feel less scared and he'll feel more seen. And he might have a better Christmas because of it. And also, I think it's going to be great for just everyone to see-- that maybe not be-- that might not normally be around a same sex couple, you know? Or an LGBTQ plus couple in any capacity. They might be able to just see that and be like, oh OK that's just love, that's just family. It's going to be a really exciting thing.

MONÉT X CHANGE: And you know what, I have to say on this show before, in the past, like last year, you know we have shaded Hallmark and Lifetime for not having queer stories. So I'm happy that they're leading the charge. And for such a quote, unquote, "family wholesome channel" to finally have this kind of story line. It's super important. And like you said, for all the young queer kids who will be watching these things with their family, it's great and it's amazing.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Yeah, and you know, that's what I-- that's what I love about Hallmark. Like they are really stepping up and they're really-- you know, what I think is so cool is that they're putting their money where their mouth is, and they're fighting the good fight, you know? They're doing the deal. And that's really important.

WALTER KEMP: And speaking about bullying, you know you've opened up about that in your past. When you were younger and you know not having that representation. So again, work boo. I'm really-- I can't wait to watch it.


MONÉT X CHANGE: I don't have Hallmark but I'm going to try to find it.

JONATHAN BENNETT: I'll get you a link. I'll get you a link. I know someone.

MONÉT X CHANGE: No, no, oh yeah, yeah, please. OK, do that, do that. That'd be very nice.

JONATHAN BENNETT: I know somebody. What is going on? I'm in Palm Springs and this is just, I mean, really classy right now, just disgusting. It's 106 here, chugging iced coffee, sweating like a pig.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Wait is it legit 106?


MONÉT X CHANGE: That-- you see, I hear all of the-- who's living in Palm Springs. I'm like, girl that kind of heat, no, no.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Everything on you would melt. Like you would just look like just a runny mess all the time.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Or like Eureka O'Hara any time, you know? Quit sweating.

JONATHAN BENNETT: I mean pick your battles really. But yes, it's 106 here so I'm sweating like crazy.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Yeah and I had to say I am a very, very, very big food TV show Watcher. I love "Chopped." "Chopped" is like my favorite thing in the World. I watch it pretty much every night before I go to bed or whatever. And congrats to you and all of-- you do so many cooking things. First of all, how did you-- are you a lover of cooking?

JONATHAN BENNETT: No, I at first I wasn't, now I am.


JONATHAN BENNETT: But so, what happened-- here's how it worked. Like I've always been a fan of food in general. Because I mean, well--

MONÉT X CHANGE: Same, guilty.

JONATHAN BENNETT: --it's delicious. And I did "Dancing With The Stars." And when I was on "Dancing With The Stars," I wasn't very good at dancing. Like I came in maybe-- let's see out of 12 people, I came in 9th. Tommy Chong beat me. Tommy Chong was in his like 70s and high the whole time, and he danced better than me. So you got to like think about how graceful I had to have been to be voted off before Tommy Chong. When I got voted off the show, I was like OK cool. Went on national television, learned that dancing's not for me.

However, I really liked being in that environment of like live TV and like hosting and that whole world. And I made really funny faces when I was on the show, not realizing I was making them. And so Food Network saw that. And they were like, hey you can't dance but boy are you going to make kids laugh. So do you want to host "Cake Wars?" And I was like, I've never made a cake before in my life. There like, that's not a problem. You just show up, read the prompter, and just be you. I was like, I can do that. And then like my first episode I started hosting it. And then in between every one of commercials I got to eat the cake that all the guests made. And I'm like, so I just get to stand here eating cake on commercial breaks, from the best bakers in the World Like this is "Cake Wars."

MONÉT X CHANGE: I'm so jealous. I'm literally salivating.

JONATHAN BENNETT: This is the top of the top.

MONÉT X CHANGE: I'm drooling, oh my God. It was so good, so-- yeah and then 170-some-- I don't know, I think I'm close to 200-- episodes later between "Cake Wars," "Cupcake Wars," "Halloween Wars," "Christmas Wars." If there is a war on Food Network, I will host it. And here we are now on season 10 of "Halloween Wars." We are in our 10th season and our big finale is airing this Sunday at 9:00 on Food Network.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Yes, "Halloween Wars." You're a really big fan of Halloween, yeah?

JONATHAN BENNETT: Obviously, who's not a big fan? Halloween--

MONÉT X CHANGE: I'm not a big Halloween girl, I'm not. I'm not that girl.

JONATHAN BENNETT: OK, well now we know. So when we ask that question, who's not a fan of Halloween? Monét X Change, the answer. Everyone take note, take note that the answer's Monét X Change on that. Hello? We haven't got any. So yes, I love Halloween, and cake, and pumpkin carving. And it's all that wrapped into one and I get to eat the food. It's delicious.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Yeah, and wait so this is your-- you said your third year doing "Halloween Wars?"

JONATHAN BENNETT: I'm into my sixth year doing "Halloween Wars," but this is season 10 of "Halloween Wars."

MONÉT X CHANGE: Got it, got it, got it.

JONATHAN BENNETT: And in ten seasons we have kind of figured it out, Monét. We have figured out-- you would hope right. Like it's like "Law and Order: SVU" season 47.


JONATHAN BENNETT: They know how to do it, right?

MONÉT X CHANGE: Right, right.

JONATHAN BENNETT: So that's where we are. So season 10 we-- what's so cool is that because all the competitors-- the contestants that come on our show to compete-- because every year the bar gets raised, they know coming back the next year-- some of them come back over and over again-- they know that they've got to up it. Because whatever happened last year isn't going to fly this year. You've got to be bigger and better.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Like "Drag Race."

JONATHAN BENNETT: Exactly. Remember when you watched season 1 and you're like, oh that's--


JONATHAN BENNETT: I watched season three, four?


JONATHAN BENNETT: Which was your first season?

MONÉT X CHANGE: My first season was season two.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Two. When's your second one? I can't remember. "All Stars?"

MONÉT X CHANGE: Oh no, no, my first season. My first season was season 10. I though you meant the first one I watched.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Yeah, ten, right.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Season ten was my season.

JONATHAN BENNETT: That's right. Like when you watch the first episodes of "Drag Race," it's like what they're doing there is not even anywhere compared to where we are in season 11, right?


JONATHAN BENNETT: Like it's completely different. And that's the same thing with "Halloween Wars." And the stuff that they used to do doesn't even fly anymore. So because of that, the bar has been set so high, that in the season 10 finale, which airs Sunday night on Food Network at 9:00, you are going to see the biggest and best Halloween displays that you've ever seen on television. It literally is the best of the best, for one night only.

MONÉT X CHANGE: I love, love, love that. Which by the way, so to tack on to "Drag Race" really quick, congrats on your work on "Drag Race." You were so funny and you just fit right into the "Drag Race" family. Like you didn't feel-- because honestly let me tell you the true. Sometimes you see some celebrity guest judges on there, you're like, bitch why are you here? You know nothing about drag, you obviously don't care about the show. But you are clearly someone who likes the show. And you just gelled with Ru and the jokes. And it was great to see you on there.

JONATHAN BENNETT: First of all, thank you-- well thank you very much, Valerie Cherish, you know? Thank you, thank you. If I ever get to go and do "Celebrity Drag Race," I'm going to do Valerie Cherish as my character. Because also, I'm kind of Valerie Cherish. My boyfriend makes fun of me. He's like, you're a little Valerie sometimes. I'm like well you know Mark, sometimes I am. Got to do it for the fans. So going on "Drag Race" was a dream come true because I've been such a big fan of the show. And I have to say, being in Snatch Game-- I have to give credit to you and to all the queens watching-- it is the worst experience--

MONÉT X CHANGE: Thank you.

JONATHAN BENNETT: --I have ever been involved in, as far as like tension and weird, awkward, quiet pauses. Like I don't do well in that. I have to keep talking if you haven't noticed. I don't do well with silence. But like, when you're sitting there the jokes are happening but no one's laughing because they don't screw up the audio.


JONATHAN BENNETT: So you're sitting in this like vacuum of comedy, but yet everyone's performing and being so good. It's the weirdest, it's the most worst. And I don't mean bad as in it's a bad experience. I mean I had the heebie jeebies. Like I had the heebie jeebies the whole time like [GASP] this is so-- it's so intense and it's so scary and the stakes are so high.


JONATHAN BENNETT: And you just want everyone to do well.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Yeah and then it could be because-- what I've tried to explain to people before is that when you go on to Snatch Game, you're telling jokes as your character but the only person you can really-- that's laughing or can make noise is Ru. So you have no idea how funny you are because you don't have anyone reacting to you. So it's so hard to do Snatch Game. I took-- it's really hard.

JONATHAN BENNETT: I felt like I gelled really good-- first of all, I want to be-- I want to come back and judge more and like be involved in it. I don't know why, I want to come back as a guest judge when they do like an acting challenge and play like myself in Mean Girls, and all the girls are the Plastics or something. That would be so fun.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Oh my God, that's such a good idea.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Do like a heartthrob challenge.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Production, y'all better listen to this shit.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Mhm, hello? Wait, I'm just getting a text from production. Oh, they said please stop-- oh got it, please tell Monét to stop calling us. That's cool. So, stop. But it's really scary. However let me tell you the scariest part.


JONATHAN BENNETT: When you're sitting there with Ru on the main stage and you have to do the one-liners at the queens walking. For me-- like nothing gets me. Like I've worked with everyone in the business. Like I'm fine. I know my shtick, like it's funny, it works. But when you're sitting with Ru and you have to try to do like a zinger next to Ru, it is so intense. Because you're like, oh my gosh, oh my god, oh my god, I'm bad. I'm not good. This is not funny. Because no one's laughing. That's scary going head-to-head with your own material.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Well to be fair, everyone is forced to laugh at Michelle's jokes. If you guys don't know, they literally put a gun to your back. And if you don't laugh at Michelle's jokes then you get killed. So that's how that works.

JONATHAN BENNETT: And Michelle-- yeah, yeah. I got nothing.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Well Jonathan, I know that you love games. I know you're a big, big, big fan of games--

JONATHAN BENNETT: Oh, we're playing a game now?

MONÉT X CHANGE: Yes, when we were in studio we did these every episode. And since we've been doing them at home, we have not. But just for you, we're bringing them back. And we're playing a little Halloween edition of charades.


MONÉT X CHANGE: OK so do you-- you have your three prompts, right? You got them before?

JONATHAN BENNETT: Yep, hold please. I have them right here.

MONÉT X CHANGE: I had mine too, I don't know where they went.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Got it, got it. Do I-- can I say things?

MONÉT X CHANGE: No, it's-- No bitch, you know the rules of charades.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Oh, so I have to like-- OK, got it, got it.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Right, like you have to do movie or song, or whatever it is.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Mhm, yep hold on let me look at them again.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Yeah, I'm going to look at mine again too.

JONATHAN BENNETT: I'm very old. I forget things very easily. It's hard now that I'm 30, you know?

MONÉT X CHANGE: Can I just tell you--

JONATHAN BENNETT: Once you hit the big 3-0.

MONÉT X CHANGE: You're in that-- you're in that range-- I was just having this conversation earlier with Patti, my assistant, is that there is this sweet spot of Hollywood where pretty fierce people were born. It's like you, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, who was the one earlier? I don't remember, there's somebody else. It's like the year. It was like the golden year of birth.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Justin Timberlake.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Justin Timberlake-- there's so many of y'all, Paris Hilton.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Let me tell you, Hollywood when it was good-- when Hollywood was fun was back in 2004. There was a Hollywood nightlife where I mean it was-- everyone would just go out to these big massive party club things. And everyone would just hang out. And it'd be like the "70s Show" cast and like the "Gilmore Girls" and-- not "Dawson's Creek" but like--

MONÉT X CHANGE: I was about to say, "Dawson's Creek?" (SINGING) I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over.

JONATHAN BENNETT: (SINGING) to be over. I want to know right now, will it be. But that was the golden age of going out in Hollywood. It was like before TMZ and all that. It was just a fun time. Anyway, here we go. OK, I got my prompts. Now you go first or I go?

MONÉT X CHANGE: I'm going to go first.

JONATHAN BENNETT: OK, so I guess yours?

MONÉT X CHANGE: Yes, you guess mine.


MONÉT X CHANGE: Oh, but you can't really see me, huh?


MONÉT X CHANGE: You got me? OK.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Got that lasik, I got that lasik you know? It's really good.

MONÉT X CHANGE: OK, here we go.

JONATHAN BENNETT: And if you swipe up now and save 20%, you-- no I'm just kidding. Use my code.

MONÉT X CHANGE: OK so you can see me good?


MONÉT X CHANGE: OK. All right.


MONÉT X CHANGE: I don't know what-- I don't know if this is a movie or not.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Oh this is going well. Uh-huh, really, really, really going well, Monét. Uh-huh, go on. You've got this.


JONATHAN BENNETT: The headless horseman.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Yes! Oh my God!

JONATHAN BENNETT: Next question.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Now your turn.


MONÉT X CHANGE: Uh-huh, OK. Movie.


MONÉT X CHANGE: "Sleeping Beauty?"


MONÉT X CHANGE: Oh! "Nightmare on Elm Street."


MONÉT X CHANGE: Freddy Krueger.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Yes, thank you.



MONÉT X CHANGE: Good, good, OK. Activity. I don't know how you do active-- I don't know how to do activity. Whatever, actually.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Well you've already said it so we'll just go with that. Go on, mhm. You are, you are-- oh, you're giving people ice cream. You're giving people soda pop. You're Santa Claus. You're a snow man. Nope. Oh, oh, you're smoking a pipe, getting high. What? mhm. Oh, Saturday night-- your sword or you're cutting. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." No, you're cutting though. Cutting, mhm, cut a circle in my face. Head, cut off their head. Kind of.

MONÉT X CHANGE: No, it's carving a pumpkin.

JONATHAN BENNETT: So this is what we're going to go with, with pumpkin, is this? That's it? Fail, absolute fail, no points. My turn here we go, ready?

MONÉT X CHANGE: OK. Uh-huh, movie. Sleeping,


MONÉT X CHANGE: You gave me a fright? Sleeping-- movie, sleeping,


MONÉT X CHANGE: Startled. OK, you're being startled when you wake up. Um, don't go to sleep? I'm really bad at this by the way.


MONÉT X CHANGE: Oh OK. The sun, the moon. Sun, uh-huh. Sun is setting. Oh, "Dawn of the Dead?"

JONATHAN BENNETT: This is bad, hold on. OK, hold on. OK, what's this called right here?


JONATHAN BENNETT: And if it comes over the horizon it's the?

MONÉT X CHANGE: The sun-- sunrise.

JONATHAN BENNETT: It's the sunrise. And what is that? Wow we're really getting off track here, hold on. OK I know, I know, I know, I know, OK, OK.

MONÉT X CHANGE: "From Dusk till Dawn?"


MONÉT X CHANGE: Christmas tree.


JONATHAN BENNETT: "A Krampus?" The sun, Christmas tree, i don't-- Bitch, I don't know what is it?

JONATHAN BENNETT: "Nightmare Before Christmas."


JONATHAN BENNETT: That was a nightmare. I was being woken up by a nightmare, Jesus.

MONÉT X CHANGE: But how did the sun happen?

JONATHAN BENNETT: I was trying to get you to say night.


JONATHAN BENNETT: It didn't work out so well. OK go on, your turn. Go, you're up.

MONÉT X CHANGE: OK, last one on my side.

JONATHAN BENNETT: OK. Movie, very good, very good. For three words, mhm. Three fierce. Uh-huh, three. Second word. Waving goodbye, no I'm just kidding. Movie, are we sure it's movie? Good. OK, yep. Crown, hat. You wearing a hat, witches. "Hocus Pocus."




MONÉT X CHANGE: Yes, that was it, "Hocus Pocus."


MONÉT X CHANGE: I was trying to say three, because I was going to do this and be like--

JONATHAN BENNETT: I get it, three witches. OK ready?


JONATHAN BENNETT: OK, I'm going to get it.

JONATHAN BENNETT: And this is an activity.



MONÉT X CHANGE: Uh-huh. Bobbing for apples.




MONÉT X CHANGE: I was going to say-- it looked like something else, but I wasn't going to go there.

JONATHAN BENNETT: I know. But good for you. Family friendly content, honey. Mhm. I'm like literally sweating my ass off. This is disgusting, like disgusting. Oh my God

MONÉT X CHANGE: Jonathan, I did not think I could be more obsessed with you. You are so funny. I live.

JONATHAN BENNETT: You're so funny.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Um, by the way, you know I feel like I can ask another queer person this. Do you feel like Pete Buttigieg watches "Drag Race?" I'm taking a survey. I feel like he does not. I don't feel like he does. I cannot see Pete Buttigieg and his partner sitting at home being like, now sashay away. I just don't see that for him.

JONATHAN BENNETT: I think he does. I think-- because I think he's one of those like-- you know he has his public persona, but then when he gets home, he's like what's up girl? Like he's like, he's got his whole like-- because I have friends that worked in the White House with the Obama administration. And it was fun, because they said when you would be around like Michelle and President Obama, and everyone was just chill. Like they kind of let themselves like just relax a little and they were really funny. You know what I mean? When they could just like relax. I feel like that's the same thing with him like once he's just by himself.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Yeah, you might be right.

JONATHAN BENNETT: Because I mean, they've done a lot. I mean, there's a lot of pressure on them in so many ways. And they have to, you know, be themselves.

MONÉT X CHANGE: This is true.

JONATHAN BENNETT: I think it's-- I think there's like a secret-- like when he gets home, he like gets all sassy, in my opinion.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Jonathan Bennett, thank you so much for being here. Listen y'all, Jonathan Bennett, this was such a fun interview. Make sure that you watch. Wait, what is the name of the Christmas movie? I don't know the name of it.

JONATHAN BENNETT: "The Christmas House," November 22nd on Hallmark channel, at 8 PM. And then, this weekend you guys are going to turn on "Halloween Wars" on--

MONÉT X CHANGE: "Halloween Wars."

JONATHAN BENNETT: --Food Network, for the season 10 finale at 9:00, only on Food Network.

MONÉT X CHANGE: I'm happy you're on your season 10 finale. I didn't make mine so this is--

JONATHAN BENNETT: You know, it happens. I just heard something fall. Sorry.

MONÉT X CHANGE: No worries.

JONATHAN BENNETT: I think the dogs are attacking each other. I got to go. You guys have fun. I think the dogs are attacking each other. Bye.

MONÉT X CHANGE: Bye, Jonathan. Y'all that's all for this week. Another show, another one down the pipeline drain. I hope y'all enjoyed it. And listen, if you have not already, please check out our podcast. Go to Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify. Rate our podcast, give us five stars and a nice common, OK? Because that will help us trend more. And when you do so, you're supporting a Black queer human being, so do it. Just pause before this video ends because I've got a little surprise for y'all. Pause really quick, pause and go to the next thing and do it right now. Now, you ready for your surprise? Next week. Until next time, remember to always keep your currency in check. Peace.