WWE Wrestler Marty Jannetty Responds To Backlash Over Facebook Post On His Page Asking Fans If He Should Have Sex With His Daughter

Rebecca Jane Stokes
WWE Wrestler Marty Jannetty Responds To 'Fake News' Reporting He Wanted An Incestuous Sexual Relationship With Daughter Bianca
WWE Wrestler Marty Jannetty Responds To 'Fake News' Reporting He Wanted An Incestuous Sexual Relationship With Daughter Bianca

I believe that, for the most part, the vast majority of people in the modern world can at least agree on the way we feel about incest, and that the aforementioned feeling can be summed up in one word: Yuck.

Sure, it's been shown quite a bit on Game of Thrones, but in real life, the taboo surrounding incest exists for good reason.

And that while that reason is mainly to keep us from procreating with people whose genetic makeup is too similar to our own, there are plenty of additional moral and psychological reasons why incest is not culturally (or legally) acceptable.

I've learned a great deal about incest thanks to a very special episode of the X-Files back when I was a strange youth, and even as much as I do love Game of Thrones, you will never find me even whimsically romanticizing or fetishizing incest.

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As a result of the society's repulsion over the topic, it makes sense that even the suspicion of incest makes headlines when it arises.

This week, incest topped the media charts thanks to a suspicious post World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) legend Marty Jannetty seemed to make on his Facebook page in August.

Several outlets reported that 57-year-old Jannetty — who along with partner Shawn Michaels was part of a WWF tag team known as The Rockers — allegedly (though many did not use that word) chose his public Facebook page as the venue in which to ask his friends, fans, and presumably, family, if they felt it would be acceptable for him to have sex with the young woman he previously believed to be his daughter, having apparently discovered the two aren't biologically related.

The post, first reported by IB Times on August 27, 2017, was said to have been quickly deleted from Facebook.

"If you loves me as much as I loves you, you will give your opinion, just did DNA (2 weeks ago) ... she's NOT my daughter ... we both held out of sex because you don't do that ... but now that we ain't???? From a guys side ... SHE's ----- HOTT ... but ... she's been my daughter ... I want to too, but can't get past that.."

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Bianca Marchionni, the woman in question, introduced herself to Jannetty as his daughter early in 2014.

Jannetty took to Facebook with the news at the time, sharing the following post, which notably used the exact same photo as the one in the post above:

"Im the happiest guy on this planet right now...now I get it..to all the boys who have told me how its life changing when you have a kid...man..had no kids so I didn't get it...now I do...that's my girl...and guys, don't you dare look at her twice,,, bad ankles and all I will make sure you never look at my daughter like that again!!!!!!!!!!!..Love ya Bianca!! hey, we didnt get the choice....but now we do have that.... and.. I LOVE YOU!!!..hope you will accept me///I will change soooo much now, I will never embarrass you!!!!!!!!!"

News outlets reported that rather immediately following the removal of the jaw-dropping post, Jannetty went totally absent from his social timeline for about two weeks. And now we think we understand why.

Yesterday, Jannetty came forward with the following response, claiming his account was hacked and that the media reports have all been "fake news":

"BREAKING NEWS FOR ALL MEDIA!!! NO SEX WITH DAUGHTERS!!! (I put that 2nd line in to grab your attention as you need to see whats going on with this): I will be limiting what I say here due to attorney's advice & lawsuits in progress. (Against the newspapers)

Several major newspapers in major cities in America (and countries, Canada, Australia & the UK, so far) have recently written articles on me about my daughter, suggesting we wanted to have sex together. Well please share this and write an article about this(as I know you won't because it's not something negative on me) ITS FAKE NEWS!!

My site was hacked or it came from a fake account, which Im constantly having Facebook remove them. (Had been hacked 7 times b4 since on FB) All the newspapers other than the NY Post (I think that's the one) (it's definitely a top NY paper though) have written the article AS FACT. The NY Post did say at the end of the article that they didn't know if the story was true or hacked. BUT, they wrote it anyway. This morning I found a big piece of evidence where this came from.

I always tell my people on Facebook about losing my phones which happens a lot. (Dude, where's my phone?) Well heres how I know a recent one was stolen and not lost. I got up this morning and saw my phone had 8 FB messages that came in from 4:30am when I went to bed and 8:30am when I woke up. I checked into them and they were all people asking why I looked so sad. There was a pic sent to many people in my FB messenger of me>>looking horrible!!! IT TOLD ON THE CULPRIT! The picture is of me close up and wearing my reading glasses and looking tired as can be (which I was) BUT, that pic came while I was setting up Skype and didn't mean to take a selfie, evidently I touched a wrong place.

But I saved that pic to THAT PHONE to occasionally look and remind myself Im getting real old. Point being, it was saved to that STOLEN phone. Not FB, not my laptop, tablet or computer. JUST THAT PHONE. And I always leave my FB open on my phone so that person was able to go all through my FB account. That person must hate me. Why else would they do that crap to me? My biggest disappointment is no one (that saw it) caught on that it was obviously fake and at least ASKED me about it rather than take it as true. EXCEPT for a few on my fan page. That's how I originally found out about it.

Its a 6 weeks old thing that I was keeping quiet about so as not to harm the investigation. BUT recently, for some odd reason, newspapers are suddenly reporting on it. (We know why) But NOW you all know the REAL on this. Sorry Bianca AND Wendy that y'all are getting dragged into my messes. I love y'all, this will be fixed!!"

While the news stories circulating this week appear to have been updated to include Jannetty's version of the incident, the wrestler and, yes, FATHER, seems rather unimpressed.

"UPDATE from yesterday's post:

I mentioned lawsuits are taking place and it's not me being sued. None of the Newspapers except the NY Post, who said at the end of the story that they didn't know if it was true or a hack job yet wrote it anyway, checked for the validity of the news. None of them used the word alleged or allegedly. IN MY OPINION, none cared. It's called ratings at any expense AND again IMO, it may have something to do with some recent posts of mine which were removed.

It's a hell of a coincidence when something that occurred almost 2 months ago suddenly hits major newspapers right after I voiced my strong opinions about kneeling during the National Anthem and some racial injustices that some endure that aren't black(and nothing racist, I have a black daughter, remember?)

Funny thing this morning, most all of the newspapers that put that fake story out are now contacting me saying they want to get the story correct and willing to pay me nicely. To them I say, TOO LATE!! Interview my attorney."

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The high degree of interest in this story on the part of both the media and the public is certainly undeniable.

There is more than genetics at play when it comes to the reasons we, as a culture, frown upon incest, and a huge part of that is related to sexual abuse. If a father or a mother engages in a sexual and/or romantic relationship with their daughter and/or son, the balance of power cannot be considered, well ... balanced.

According to a statement made by law professor Dean Carro to Salon (in regard to a different case):

"Regardless of the age of the child, there's still a theory that a parent is always a parent, a child is always a child and, as a result, there truly can't be a consensual sexual act... The idea is the perpetrator is the parent and the victim is the child. We don't normally prosecute a person falling within the protected class, and [the child remains] a member of the protected class even above age of consent."

Because as we all know, there's a hell of a lot more to being a parent than genetics.

The cycle of abuse is a very real thing, and in previous interviews, Jannetty has shared that he lost his virginity at the age of 12 to a cousin or a niece.

So not only does it appear Jannetty has been a victim earlier in his life, it seems he was victimized yet again by someone hacking his account and posting lies. it is certainly yet another lesson for us all to stop the proverbial judgment of books by their covers and to take a few breaths and do a decent amount of researching prior to believing everything we read (and post).

And this man most certainly deserves some empathy from us all.

Here's hoping Jannetty downloads a solid phone finder app soon, and that he and his family can move past this unfortunate situation quickly and easily.

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