This Wrist-Saving Weeder Gets The ‘Entire’ Dandelion Root—And The Amazon Best-Seller Is On Sale For $9

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Precisely pull weeds at the root so they won’t grow back.

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As we head into summer, a beautifully maintained lawn and garden will make your home more inviting. And now’s the time to stock up on a few essential spring garden tools to properly prep your lawn. One necessary tool that precisely gets at the roots of pesky weeds and makes sure they don’t pop back up is the Fiskars Ergo Scratch Tool Weeder—plus, it won’t put strain on your hands and wrists.

The hand weeder removes invasive plants without the use of potentially harmful chemicals—and it’s on sale for only $9. The over 300-year-old brand has provided ergonomic designs to its scissors, sewing tools, and gardening essentials which reduce joint pain and muscle fatigue. The ergonomic weeder removes plants at the root with minimal strain on your hands and wrists thanks to its curved SoftGrip handle.



BUY IT: $8.94 (orig. $12.99);

The double-pronged, rust-resistant cast aluminum head rests on either side of the weed, making it easy to pinpoint what plants you’re removing, so only white clovers, thistles, nettles, and dandelions (to name a few) are removed, not precious grass or greenery. At 12.24 inches long and only 0.42 pounds, the small and lightweight weeder is easy to carry as you hunt down pesky garden invaders.

One customer, who left the weeder a five-star review, noted: “If you center the two prongs around the stalk/root of the dandelion and push down about 1 to 1.5 inches, you will be able to lever the entire root of the dandelion out of the ground.” They went on to say that they were able to “minimize” the amount of grass the tool pulled up with the weed.

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Another five-star reviewer wanted a tool that would pull weeds without using “toxic chemicals” and had previously purchased a weeder with a straight handle “that was not useful.” The Fiskars weeder, “because of its curve, makes pulling weeds with even deep, strong roots very easy.”

Get at the root of weeds without straining your hands with the Fiskars Ergo Scratch Tool Weeder on sale for $9 at Amazon. 

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