The Wrinkle-Smoothing Sheet Mask Used by Priyanka Chopra-Jonas and Demi Moore Is on Sale at Dermstore

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111 Skin Bio Cellulose Mask
111 Skin Bio Cellulose Mask

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As a beauty editor, I have two main roles outside of writing: subjecting my body, hair, face, and nails to innovative new formulas and alerting readers of all the hacks, trends, or treatments to try. Although it can be a massive undertaking testing so many items, there are always standout products that make it so worthwhile, like 111 Skin Bio Cellulose Mask.

I first spotted the celebrity-loved mask on the Spring/Summer 2021 New York Fashion Week runways. Backstage at more than five shows, makeup artists were prepping models' skin with the ultra-hydrating mask to provide a clean canvas and glow for makeup application. The lead educator for 111 Skin shared how the formula helps soothe stressed out skin, a common condition for runway models whose skin is manipulated multiple times a week.

111SKIN Y Theorem Bio Cellulose Facial Mask Single
111SKIN Y Theorem Bio Cellulose Facial Mask Single


Shop now: $24 (Originally $32);

It wasn't long after that my favorite celebrities gave the sheet mask their stamp of approval. First, there was Jennifer Aniston who raved about the hydrating tool as her go-to product for Emmy Awards preparation. Then, actress and entrepreneur mongol, Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, claimed the Bio Cellulose Mask is "the first thing that goes on [her] face before any makeup, and it makes anything [she] puts on look flawless." As if that wasn't enough to convince me into purchasing a pack, flawless-skin celeb Demi Moore counted it as her best pre-show step.

As an avid traveler, my skin often becomes irritated in climates it isn't used to. With the celebrity backing and claims to soothe stressed out skin, I set out to try the sheet mask. After just one use, the small amount of rosacea on my cheeks decreased and my overall complexion appeared brighter. The Bio Cellulose Mask not only delivers results, but it also just feels good while de-puffing and soothing sensitive skin. Oftentimes with sheet masks, I have a hard time adjusting the mask to fit my small face, but the Bio Cellulose Mask fits an assortment of face sizes. Plus, it's 25 percent off right now at Dermstore, so it really is the best time to invest.

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For special events, long travel days, or times you just need a hydration boost, look no further than 111 Skin Bio Cellulose Mask.