Wow, YouTube Star Lizzy Capri Came Up With Such a Good TikTok Dance

Megan Uy

From Cosmopolitan

Welcome back to TikTok Challenge Challenge, where we discover celebs’ inner TikTok dance skills by giving them viral dances from the app and making them learn ’em in a wee 60 seconds. So! Easy! *laughs nervously* For this week’s episode, we got Lizzy Capri, YouTuber and cofounder of Team RAR, to try it out.

The first dance we gave her was the Distance Dance, which is an actual thing, yes. I will say, the choreo is pretty difficult with this one and it doesn’t help that the moves are super fast. Meanwhile, the next dance was basically the Macarena mixed with a lil bit of air guitar. Psh, child’s play.

The third one we had Lizzy do was another easy dance, BLESS, and it was no shocker that she was able to master that one in just a minute! Buuut you know we had to end the video with a bang and give her a toughie. No spoilers, duh.

Make sure you try out her TikTok dance she came up with to Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song “Savage” and subscribe to her channel!

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