Wow, Twitter Is LIVING for ‘The Bachelor’s’ Victoria Fuller and Chase Rice Drama

Photo credit: Reality Steve - Twitter
Photo credit: Reality Steve - Twitter

From Cosmopolitan

[Warning: Episode 4 spoilers ahead!]

  • The main Bachelor drama tonight had everything to do with the show’s producers sending Victoria Fuller and Peter Weber on a date to watch Victoria’s ex Chase Rice perform.

  • And you *must* see Twitter’s hilarious reaction to the mess.

Yes, The Bachelor was a full 2-hour episode tonight, but let’s be real: The only part that mattered was the expertly crafted drama that was The Bachelor producers sending Victoria Fuller and Peter Weber on a date to a private Chase Rice concert, who is a country singer and Victoria F.’s ex.

And just as planned, Victoria was HIGHLY uncomfortable dancing with and kissing Peter while Chase serenaded them, with her saying that “nothing could be worse” and “never in a million years was I expecting this.” Many, many, tears ensued and Victoria and Peter had to have a serious conversation (Peter asked if she still had feelings for him), but still, the best thing to come out of it, IMHO, were the memes and tweets from the good people of Twitter.

Some people just wanted to poke fun at the whole thing:

But most were more interested in either dragging or applauding the producers for the setup:

Oh, and if you’re wondering what Chase thinks of this whole thing, well, he’s not thrilled! He gave an interview saying that he’s “really pissed off” that he went on the show to promote his music and ended up being made part of the drama. He also dragged the producers, saying, “The fact they did that to’s over the top, it’s unnecessary. I didn’t expect it.” Yikes!

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