I Might Need to Sit Down For a Minute Because Antoni Porowski Just Got a Buzzcut

Danielle Jackson

In the words of Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski is currently serving us "quarantine makeover realness bb." On July 26, the Queer Eye star followed suit with many other celebrities who have switched up their looks post-shelter-in-place orders and debuted a new haircut - a buzzcut! - on Instagram. In a photo shared to his profile, Porowski is seen showing off the new cut (and his biceps) while sitting outside at a restaurant. "Number of times I almost put food through my mask: 3," he captioned it. According to a tag, Porowski went to NYC-based celebrity groomer Kumi Craig for the cut.

Even though the cut is new, it's already garnered approval from almost all of his Queer Eye cohosts. "YES BUZZ-CUT," Tan France commented underneath the photo, while Bobby Berk spoke for all of us when he commented, "Took me a second to figure out who this was!!!" Feel free to thirst over Porowski's new cut in the photo above.

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