You Won't Believe What This Singer Let Her Child Do on a Plane


A shot of the Vietnamese singer who allowed her son to urinate in a plane’s airsickness bag. (Photo: VietOneRadio)

A furor has erupted in Vietnam over a famous singer who let her son urinate in an airsickness bag while seated on a Vietnam Airlines plane, rather than using the lavatory. The airline wrote about the incident on its own blog, explaining that urine splattered onto the newly delivered plane and that the chief steward approached the passenger, who “pretended not to hear him.”

The incident was originally reported by a fellow passenger, who posted details on Facebook, referring to the singer as “L.Q.,” along with a photo that disguised the singer’s face. The internet quickly figured out the singer’s identity as Lệ Quyên.

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Here is the post, disguising the singer’s face:

(Photo: VietOneRadio)

This following post described the incident in detail. Here is the translation:

“On board this beautiful A350 which still has that new plane smell (currently at 9000 m, so you can still use the lavatory), one beautiful female passenger in Seat 11B, with 10 fingernails painted in 10 colors, dressed very fashionably, tore open a vomit bag for her son to pee in, splashing everywhere. Chief Steward asked why not go into the lavatory. Dirtying the plane, but the passenger didn’t even want to look/acknowledge the Chief Steward. Truly insane, peasants flying on a plane… DEATH BECOMES ME (communicating an “OMG” moment)… THIS LADY IS A VERY FAMOUS SINGER… ONE OF THE HIGHEST PAID PEOPLE IN VIETNAM… SHOULD I UPLOAD THIS PHOTO…”

(Photo: VietOneRadio)

This is not the first time an airline passenger has skipped the lavatory. In 2014, a child on a JetBlue flight urinated in her seat, when a flight attendant wouldn’t let her use the lavatory. That same year, Chinese parents let their child defecate in his seat onboard a Delta flight, sparking public outrage. And of course, there was the notorious incident in 2011, when when actor Gerard Depardieu relieved himself in the aisle of an Air France flight.

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