Would You Do a Juice Cleanse in a Hotel?

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Juice cleanses can offer a healthy alternative for the road warrior. (Photo: Love Grace)

Hotel mini-bars filled with high-calorie snacks and room service menus heavy on the quesadillas and pizzas and light on the salads and steamed veggies can be the bane of the healthy traveler’s existence. 

One NYC hotel is trying to help keep their guests on track by offering a new juice cleanse partnership.

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Affinia 50, has partnered with the gourmet juice cleanse brand, Love Grace, to offer one and three day juice cleanses at a rate of $56 per day.

The cold-pressed juices will be conveniently delivered to guests rooms, taking the stress out of planning healthy meals on the road. But it begs the question: Is it healthy to undergo any kind of cleanse when you are away from home?

Nutritionist and dietician  Brooke Alpert, the founder of b nutritious says that juice cleanses are not actually a necessary part of a well-balanced diet, but that they can be a good antidote to indulgences during travel.


The hotel mini-bar is most certainly packed with empty calories. (Photo: Thinkstock) 

"I like the idea of changing the mindset to a healthy one while away from home," Alpert said. She just had two pieces of advice for cleansing travelers: "Make sure you’re well hydrated prior to beginning especially if you’re traveling by plane and avoid alcohol during your cleansing days."

The Affinia isn’t the first hotel to offer juicing as part of their amenities packages. The Hotel Palomar in San Francisco has forged a partnership with the Pressed Juicery and back in January the W NY offered a new year detox package in conjunction with Organic Avenue

What do you think? Would you try out a cleanse on the road? Tell us in comments. 

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