Would You Dip Your Fries in Chocolate?


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French fries dipped in chocolate may sound gnarly at first, but consider how wonderful fries are when dunked in a chocolate milkshake!

Tweaking this classic-but-admittedly-weird pairing, Japanese burger chain Lotteria will start offering the combo of French fries and dipping chocolate (which uses Ghanaian milk chocolate!) through February of next year.


Photo credit: Lotteria

This is awesome if you live in Japan, and not-so-awesome if you live anywhere else. But don’t fret—you can totally whip up a chocolate dipping sauce at home by melting the stuff with a bit of butter and cream. Or perhaps you’d like to sample a few other under-appreciated French fry dip compadres.

Give these a chance:

Peanut sauce. The Dutch have already figured out that this pairing is off-the-wall delicious.

Salsa verde. If ketchup could have a polar opposite, this would be it. Whereas ketchup is red, salsa verde is a vibrant green. Ketchup is sweet; salsa verde is fiery. Give it a try.

Japanese mayonnaise. Don’t confuse this mayo with Hellman’s. It’s smoother and creamier than most Western mayonnaise, and made with rice vinegar rather than distilled vinegar. The result is a slightly sweet dip that’s out-of-this-world.

Lemon-garlic aioli. Aioli is a lot like mayonnaise, but it’s often thicker and tangier, thanks to lemon and garlic.

Green goddess salad dressing. Sour cream and buttermilk make this creamy dressing divine, but it’s not just for salads. This version is greened up with half an avocado, fresh chives, and parsley.

BBQ sauce. BBQ sauce is really just ketchup’s fun-loving cousin, so of course it’s excellent with fries.

Gravy. OK, gravy on French fries probably isn’t so wacky to folks North of the border. Our Canadian friends have been topping their poutine (fries + cheese curds!) with gravy for ages, and they’re definitely on to something.

[via Kotaku]