Worth the battle: Alexis Ramirez makes San Diego skateboarding history with this insane double-kink lipslide (Watch)

This trick is clearly terrifying. It's hard enough as is, but the fact that Alexis Ramirez battled this insane double-kink lipslide under the pressure of getting the boot...that really says something about him as a skateboarder (and honestly, as a human in general).

Nothing good comes easy. It takes effort to make history. Fearlessness. And that's what we're seeing right here.

Look how the last little kink at the end basically shoots him to the street on some of these attempts! So gnarly. But he remains cool and calm through the entire process. Try after try, you know it's coming.

The rail itself has been replaced three times and has been home to a few other iconic moments in skateboarding. For those who recall, Damien Carabajal left his mark in 1992 boardsliding it in the H-Street "Next Generation" video.

Thirty years ago?! Honestly, that's hard to imagine.

Alexis respectfully added his name to the list of legends that have stepped to this beast and once again proved that he's one of the hungriest, most talented skaters in San Diego—and that's saying a lot. (Just watch his part in the new Sk8mafia video if you wanna argue!)

Worth the battle? Always. Next spot!

Video / @sk8mafia @dgfilms1907

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