Is This The Worst Sound A Mountain Biker Can Hear?


We are all used to hearing our suspension clap when we slightly overshoot that drop at the local or come up a little short on a jump. What we are generally not as used to is hearing that clap turn into a crack.

That's exactly the sound that Caleb Teoh was fortunate, or unfortunate, enough to catch on camera.

Take a look at the sound of a frame breaking below.

In general mountain bikes are designed to take a lot of stress. I mean a lot of stress. So, seeing one break like this is generally no fault of the design, it just happens over a long lifetime of riding or due to an issue from the manufacturer.

Riders are also not without fault at times. It can very much be user error that breaks frames or other components. In fact, in most cases it is.

At least in this video, it doesn't look like the rider did anything that should have explicitly broken the frame, but we don't know what kind of life it had before this clip.

Luckily for him though, most companies have fairly solid warranties or at least a generous crash replacement discount so, he shouldn't be without a frame for long.

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