Worst Skatepark Ever? David Gravette Skates A Swamp And Gives Us A Tour Of The Florideah Swampfest

David Gravette is back with another installment of Bronson's Worst Skatepark Ever series, and this time makes his way to Florideah Swampfest to...skate a swamp.

Call it a plywood paradise or a splintery swamp—David drops in and gives the obstacles a test run, sort of, but certainly gives us a tour of this unique course and wild event as a whole.

[Watch the full video here]

Gravette is a great tour guide in my opinion (ha!) and kept me thoroughly engaged from start to finish. "Here's the ledge feature for all you tech dogs," he says, staring at the ledge hovering over a death drop. "Who'll get a nollie heel front crook nollie heel out on this?"

"You look and you're like, 'Well that's a really cool spine obstacle, and you're like...surely it's just not done yet,' but no—it's done [laughs]." Regardless, you know this maniac still stepped to it and wandered off with a few clips. David ain't scared!

Honestly, as crazy as some of the sections were, some looked pretty damn fun. If you're not afraid to get down and dirty, the Florideah Swampfest is for you—if not, then don't even think about it! As you can see, this event has a demographic, that's for sure. Gotta get in where you fit in!

Video / @bronsonspeedco

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