Worst Places I've Ever Visited — From the Man Who's Been Everywhere

Many of us say, “That was the worst place in the world!” But really: How many of us truly have the authority to say that? Lee Abbamonte does. He’s the youngest American to visit all 193 member nations of the United Nations, and he’s well on his way to visiting all 324 on The Travelers’ Century Club list, which includes territories and unique destinations in addition to nations. (Lee expects to have 321 of the 324 countries checked off by the end of the year).

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With all those countries, they can’t all be winners. And Abbamonte, as part of his traveling mission, has to see the losers too. He takes that part of his quest seriously. “I spent time in these places; it’s not like I went to the airport and split,” he says of the bottom-tier countries. “I tried to give each place a couple of days.”

Still, there were some countries that the well-traveled Abbamonte says were even worse than he expected. And for a guy who’s seen the world, that’s saying something.