Worried pit bull cries every time her baby brother cries: ‘We don’t need both of you crying!’

A pit bull’s concern for her crying human little brother is reminding TikTok what a magical combination dogs and babies truly are.

Mom and TikToker Ticia Kinhart (@ticiakinhart) gained a stunning 13.4 million views and 14,000 comments when she uploaded the touching footage to her account.

Like the fiercely protective nanny dog who wouldn’t let her baby human play on the stairs, Bella the pit bull has proved herself to be an excellent babysitter of her new sibling, Colton.

While we’ve seen dogs and children share deep bonds before — like this pug and toddler whose innocent joy remind us to enjoy the little things in life — the love between Bella and Colton is truly something special to witness.

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In the video, Bella seems to be overcome by concern for her crying baby brother, Colton.

Whenever the baby boy wails, the pit bull lets out an anxious cry right alongside him.

“Every time Colton cries,” the video’s caption reads.

But this isn’t the first time Bella has cried along with Colton — nor the first time Ticia captured it for TikTok.

In another video, Bella whimpers and wails as little Colton cries from his baby swing.

“We don’t need both of you crying!” Ticia is heard saying behind the camera.

According to National Geographic, it’s scientifically proven that dogs can indeed “catch” humans’ emotions. “Studies have shown that dogs can catch our yawns, experience an increase in cortisol levels when they hear a baby crying — just as humans do — and respond to the emotional tone of our voices.”

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“Way too adorable…”

TikTokers were touched by Bella’s love for baby Colton.

“That’s the most precious and hilarious thing I’ve seen all night!” one comment read.

“My pit does the same thing!” another user shared.

“Awww the empath dog,” commented another user.

“Way too adorable,” another user wrote.

It’s clear that dogs serve as more than companions to their human families. Every day they inspire us with their sweetness, empathy and compassion for others — something we humans could all afford to demonstrate far more often.

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