The World’s Most Expensive Home Will Hit the Market for $547 Million

Photo credit: Ministero della Giustizia
Photo credit: Ministero della Giustizia

If you think the $75 million property featured on Selling Sunset is pricey—or even the $169 million penthouse in New York's 432 Park, there’s another home hitting the market that makes these look like chump change in comparison: an Italian villa on the market for $547 million. If sold, it will be the world’s most expensive home.

Known as Villa Aurora and located in Rome, the building will go up for auction on January 18, 2022. Though it boasts over 30,000 square feet, what makes the home worthy of its more than half a billion-dollar price tag are the rare paintings inside, including the only ceiling mural painted by the famous Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. In addition to this masterpiece, Villa Aurora contains countless other works of art—sculptures, statues, columns, and ornamentation—according to the listing held by the Italian government.

Spread over six levels, the building itself isn’t exactly in tip-top shape. The facades were restored from 2009 to 2011, but other areas like the basement are in a state of neglect from unfinished renovations. All of the necessary work is estimated to cost more than $12 million. It’s the future buyer’s job to carry out the work, but the cost has been deducted from the auction value.

Apart from being a bit of a fixer-upper, the villa features a garden, roof terrace, pedestrian paths, and three garages. It's located in "one of the most elegant areas of the capital," according to the listing. See inside the extravagant home here.

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