WATCH: The World Cup Winner? These Elephants Tried to Guess!

Back in 2010, Germany’s Paul the Octopus — the spot-on tentacled creature who could predict World Cup results — met his untimely death. Since then, a number of psychic animals have been competing for the throne of World Cup oracle, from the Arabian camel Shaheen to Bob the two-toed sloth at the Toronto Zoo. (He’s betting on Germany.)

Here at Yahoo Travel, our money is on Denla, a baby elephant at Chiang Rai’s Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort in northern Thailand, where travelers can get up close and personal with the beautiful pachyderms. What we love about Denla is that — besides the fact that his name means “special one” in Thai — he is part of the Golden Triangle Elephant Foundation, set up to help raise awareness of cruelty to elephants and provide work and a safe haven to the animals and their trainers.

And Denla’s pick? No spoiler alert here. You’ll have to watch to find out.

Editor’s Note: Denla might not have nailed the winner, but he sure made a valiant effort trying!

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Will a baby elephant predict the World Cup? (Photo: Thinkstock)