Working From Home Is Hardest in This State

Syjil Ashraf

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the ability to work from home has become highly desired. However, working from home isn’t an easy or effective option for everyone and can vary greatly based on your job, company and even where you live. A report recently released by WalletHub evaluated the at-home work environment and living environment in every state plus Washington, D.C., and one state, in particular, stood out as especially inconvenient for telecommuters.

Working From Home Tips: Establishing Routine During Coronavirus Quarantine

It’s a good thing it has plenty of national and state parks with beautiful spots because Alaska is comparitively terrible for staying at home for work. Alaskan homes, on average, have the fourth-worst living environment for telecommuters and the absolute worst at-home working environment in the country. 

A total of 12 metrics, including internet costs, internet access, average home size and home crowdedness, were considered when determining how good or bad each state is for working from home. Alaska falls in the bottom five among states with the lowest share of potential telecommuters, which means it’s hard to find a job that’ll allow you to work from home successfully. Alaska also has the worst cybersecurity in the country, which is not good for those working with sensitive information or in a job that involves virtual meetings.

According to WalletHub's research, Alaska has some of the highest costs of electricity in the country, which means Alaskans need to find other ways to save money during quarantine. If you're wondering how your state compares, here are the best and worst states for working from home.