Worker discovers that she’s being laid off from Oracle after receiving calendar invite

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Worker discovers that she’s being laid off from Oracle after receiving calendar invite

A woman revealed she realised that she was getting laid off from her job at Oracle after she received a calendar invite.

In a recent clip posted to TikTok, Kimberly Foo, @thekimberlyfoo detailed how she didn’t initially expect to be let go from the tech company until she and a bunch of her co-workers were invited to the same meeting on a Sunday night.

“POV: you get a 15 min calendar invite on Sunday night by a RVP saying he’s going to call your cell on Monday morning,” the text over the video reads. “You think you’re going to get a promotion but then realise that everyone you know also got the 15 minute calendar invite.”

“You scroll through LinkedIn and see that your large tech company laid off 1,000+ people so now you’re applying to other jobs with your work bestie,” she continued.

Foo then directed the camera towards her computer to show she was on a Zoom call while searching through LinkedIn.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Koo worked as a business development consultant at Oracle for a little over a year.

As of 11 August, the video has more than 95,000 views, with TikTok users in the comments sharing how they were recently laid off from their jobs as well.

“Same girl lol,” one wrote, while another added: “Exact thing happened to me back in April. Hahaha.”


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Other viewers sent Foo words of encouragement throughout her search for a new job.

“Sending best wishes Kim! I know you’re gonna do amazing things!,” one wrote.

“Interacting so potentially some recruiters see this!,” another added.

In a later TikTok video, Koo documented how she “spent all day applying for jobs,” but still wanted to care for her “mental and physical health,” so she went “on a run before the sun [went] down”.

According to a report published by Insider last week, Oracle’s work environment has been described as “complete chaos” following its layoffs and the company’s marketing teams have seen their headcount of employees go down by 30 to 50 per cent.

The Independent has reached out to Foo for comment.