Ivanka Trump's Ultimate Beauty Secrets

Originally Published May 15, 2016

At 34 years old, Ivanka Trump has many titles: wife, mother of three, entrepreneur (she's launched fashion, jewelry and lifestyle collections, as well as her growing initiative, Women Who Work), writer, and businesswoman. But how does she juggle it all and look so good doing it? Here, she gives us a little glimpse into her world.

NewBeauty: Being that you travel often, especially on the campaign trail, do you have any beauty hacks for busy women who are always on the go?
Ivanka Trump: 
It's so important to stay hydrated while traveling. It's an easy hack, but drinking lots of water really helps you to stay glowing and energized during long trips. When I can, I drink lemon with my water—it dresses it up a little bit!

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NB: What is the best beauty tip you’ve learned from your mother?
Take off your makeup before bed, no matter what!! As a teenager, my mother once woke me up in the middle of the night to insist I remove my makeup. She felt like it was terrible for the skin, and I tend to agree.

NB: What do you want to teach your daughter about beauty?
It's crucial to me to impart to Arabella that confidence, strength and grace are what really makes a woman beautiful. The makeup and skin care are fun, but it's who you are as a person that matters the most.

cutest travel companion ✈️

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NB: As a fan of natural beauty products, are there you swear by that really work?
I'm a big fan of Tata Harper's Hydrating Floral Essence.

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NB: What is one thing people we'd be surprised to learn about you?
I don't own a blowdryer, and I've never learned how to use one. Most days, I walk to work with my hair still slightly wet.

NB:  Do you have any post-pregnancy tips for women to bounce back so quickly like you did?
 I started thinking more about the nutritional value of food—rather than purely eating for pleasure—during my first pregnancy and have tried to maintain that thinking between my last two pregnancies. I may eat more now (I have even added breakfast, which I always used to skip), but in a healthier way. As far as an exercise routine, I love to run. My team at IvankaTrump.com and I ran a half-marathon last year and I've become addicted to the endorphin boost!

NB: You recently spearheaded a major project for the Trump Organization, in which you designed the new Spa Suites at the Trump National Doral Resort & Spa in Miami as part of the property's $250 million restoration. Are there any design elements in the suites that women can mimic in their own homes?
One of the greatest perks for our Spa Suites guests at Trump National Doral are the in-room offerings, including a bath butler service for a lavishly prepared, unforgettable bath experience. All of the Spa Suites feature deep soaking tubs and women can mimic the experience in their own homes by taking some time out after a long day, drawing a warm bath with aromatherapy salts, lighting a few candles and enjoying a couple minutes of pure relaxation.

NB: Do you have a favorite spa treatment?
As a working mother of three, it’s not often I get to enjoy a spa treatment, but when I do, I love a classic deep tissue massage. This is especially helpful right now, as my neck and back are always sore from carrying around my two toddlers and infant son.

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NB: What are your three personal favorites from your fashion line?
Summer's approaching, so I can't wait to slip into the Kavita sandal from my collection. I also love our Soho Tote, the ultimate work bag (I bring it everywhere!) and I'm excited for the relaunch of our eyewear collection this season—there are sunglasses for everyone.

NB: What is one thing you’d like to do in your life that you haven’t done yet?
I love to travel, and there's so much still to explore! For starters, next time I go to Chile I want to ski the glaciers in Portillo.