You Won’t Believe Where They Want You to Apply These Sheet Masks!

Scroll through Instagram on a Sunday and you’re sure to see a slew of selfies featuring face masks — whether sheet, clay, or otherwise — flooding your feed and your Stories. But it’s not the only area on the body people are pampering these days. High-cut swimwear styles, belfies, and more have made it all about the booty. And while there are already sheet masks made for hands, feet, and our hair, new brand Bawdy Beauty wants to actually cover our asses to make them look amazing.

And it just makes sense. Like your face, if you plan on showing off that booty, you want to put your best foot… er, cheek, forward. Sure, Madonna might’ve opened our eyes to pampering our bums last year, but who really wants to put a skincare essential they regularly reserve for their face on their derrieres or vice-versa?

Bawdy Beauty founder Sylwia Wiesenberg admits “with honesty and confidence” that her entire life has revolved around the butt. Her start in beauty stemmed from a focus on fitness with her wellness supplement company Dope Naturally and health program Tonique Method. “I was told while on the gymnastics and track teams that your butt is your engine, and it is!” she exclaims. “I later converted my knowledge from sports into fitness and beauty. [And] I have devoted my life to shape women’s and my own butt to be strong yet look fabulous, dressed or naked.”

In fact, she’s treated her hiney to oxygen and cryofacials, noting that the a-ha moment that birthed the brand came in the middle of a butt-masking treatment. “It was literally that second when I realized that what was my obsession in life is what women need,” Wiesenberg said. “In the end, your butt should match your face.”

The range offers everything your bottom needs to look in top shape in the form of two sheets, one for each cheek, sealed inside of posterior-shaped packaging for $8. Each pair of serum-soaked sheets uses quality ingredients to tackle your skin concern, whether it’s to hydrate and tone, retexturize and detoxify, brighten and rejuvenate, or firm and illuminate with a formula that includes gold dust and uses “light to reflect and create contours,” according to Wiesenberg. (You can buy all four in the Galaxy kit for $32.)

And don’t worry; you don’t have to stand still while it works like other face masks. These were made for movement. “The mask stays on and I can move around and move forward with my busy day,” she says. And if there’s some serum left over, Wiesenberg suggests applying the rest of the mask formula to your legs and knees instead of letting it go to waste.

One could imagine the likes of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna, among others, making the most of these sheet masks. We have a feeling that once these masks hit Instagram, they’re bound to blow up big time. And Wiesenberg isn’t slowing down any time soon. She plans to expand the line with a bevy of new butt-focused beauty buys we’ll see before the end of the year. As she says, “Sheet masks are just the beginning!”

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(Photos courtesy of Sylwia Wiesenberg/Bawdy Beauty)