Who Won Most Often on 'Love It or List It': Hilary or David?

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Who Won the Most on Love It or List It?NBC - Getty Images
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After 19 seasons and 15 long years on the show, Hilary Farr and David Visentin from HGTV's reality home show Love It or List It have many competitions under their belts. Their sibling-like rivalry is what keeps so many people coming back to the show to see whether the homeowner is going to stay in their home after Farr renovates it, or move into the new house that Visentin found for them. It's a win-some, lose-some situation. But now that the cat's out of the bag surrounding Farr's emotional exit from the beloved show, we can finally determine once and for all who won the most episodes: realtor Visentin or home designing champ Farr?

Before getting too far into it, it's easy to assume that Farr has quite the advantage over Visentin when it comes to the client loving it or listing it. If you had the choice of staying in your newly renovated home that you already paid for versus experiencing the stresses of moving out on top of that money already spent, you'd probably choose to stay. However, the hiccup with Farr's method is that the furniture used to stage the house at the end of the episode is borrowed or rented, so the homeowner's remodeled digs won't look exactly like Farr's vision unless they choose to purchase everything. Plus, sometimes a fresh start is irresistible.

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So, Who Has Won More on Love It or List It?

We took a deep dive into every single episode, and can report that, as longtime viewers may have suspected, the winner is...Hilary Farr. And she won, pardon the pun, by far. While Visentin definitely had his moments throughout the seasons where he shined most brightly, out of the 236 episodes you can find on streaming platform Max, Farr won 140 times, and Visentin won 96. It's fitting that the last episode from season 19 ends on a win from Farr—it's like her last hurrah before saying goodbye to the series. Of course, as far as we're concerned, both hosts are winners.

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