The best women's bathrobes for luxurious after-shower care

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Woman sitting on freestanding bath in white bathrobe
Woman sitting on freestanding bath in white bathrobe

Want to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your beautiful mom? Try these luxurious women’s bathrobes to give her some much-needed relaxation. Women have always been caregivers, be they mothers, sisters, wives, daughters or friends. They have accepted this role so soulfully that, in all the consideration women have for the people they love, they tend to forget about the most important person: themselves. And this is the reason why certain products are specially designed to bring a few moments of tranquility to their busy schedules.

We’re talking about lavish, soothing bathrobes, of course. There is no greater feeling than wrapping yourself in a cloud-like robe after a long, warm bath and pampering yourself with a skincare regimen, chocolates and wine. If you have never experienced the joy of lounging comfortably in a bathrobe, you’re definitely missing out. Here’s a list of all the best women’s bathrobes available online. Try these women’s bathrobes for yourself or gift them to your mom to help her enjoy some me-time this Mother's Day.

Top Picks

Best seller: NY Threads Women Fleece Hooded Bathrobe

Plush long robe
Plush long robe

Looking for a robe that you can give to that special woman in your life this Mother’s Day? This bathrobe will leave them so warm and snuggly that they’ll never want to change into anything else.

Made from 100% polyester, this item comes with a tie closure, making it the ideal choice to wear over a nightdress or pajamas. Designed with a super soft, plush feel and a convenient hood, this pick can even help you avoid catching a cold when stepping out of the bathroom with wet hair!

Also present are two front pockets that are perfect for holding your phone or even some snacks to keep hidden from the little ones. And to make it even more interesting, this robe features a lovely pile and nap effect that can appear under different light sources, providing both style and luxury!

Key Features:

  • Manufactured from 100% polyester

  • Features tie closure, adjustable waist belt and front pockets

  • Washing machine safe

  • Available in different colors

Perfect unisex robe: Pinzon Unisex Terry 100% Cotton Bathrobe

Made of 100% cotton for breathability
Made of 100% cotton for breathability

If your mother is someone who likes sharing with her significant other, then this bathrobe by Pinzon is the best choice.

This stunning imported 100% cotton terry robe is exactly what your mom and her spouse need after a bath. It easily absorbs unwanted moisture, leaving her dry and comfortable while she roams around the house or relaxes in her lounge chair. As an added benefit, the shawl collar will ensure that she will stay nice and cozy even during winter.

This bathrobe’s greatest feature is that it dries very quickly even though it’s very absorbent, so mom won’t come back from work and find the robe wet because her partner took a bath before. Your mother might even like this Mother's Day gift enough to order another after receiving the first one, just so she doesn’t have to share!

Key Features:

  • Made of a breathable 100% cotton fabric

  • Very absorbent and fast drying

  • Zero-twist cotton makes it soft to the touch

  • Provides spa-like comfort right at home

Warmest bathrobe: RONGTAI Women’s Bathrobe

Thick shawl collar and two pockets
Thick shawl collar and two pockets

Want something with a wide range of choices this Mother’s Day? You’ve come to the right place because this women’s bathrobe from RONGTAI provides just that.

From color to size and design, your mom can pick out a robe for every day of the week if that’s what she has in mind. These soft bathrobes aren’t only colorful but also extremely comfortable, which explains why their customers keep coming back for more.

The lovely fleece material ensures that mom remains warm from head to toe, while its two front pockets provide convenient storage. Even more, this robe comes with both a tie closure on the outside and the inside to provide extra comfort. A great pick for anyone that wants superior water absorption along with snug, cozy luxury.

Key Features:

  • Fluffy robe made of fleece

  • Comes with a shawl collar and two front pockets

  • Features interior and exterior closures

Most in-demand robe: Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Bathrobe

Plush fleece hooded bathrobe
Plush fleece hooded bathrobe

Another gorgeously luxurious robe that any mother is sure to love is the Alexandra Del Rosa Women’s Bathrobe.

Made of plush fleece, this robe comes in multiple colors, designs and sizes for you to choose from. Whether your mom is a solid color lover or thrives on prints, this robe will fulfill all her needs.

The convenient tie closure allows the robe to be put on and taken off quickly, particularly when you are tired or in a hurry, while the two front pockets will keep the essentials right at hand. And, perhaps the greatest thing about this product is that it’s made from 330 GSM coral fleece, which is not just absorbent, but is also especially warm for those bitterly cold nights.

Key Features:

  • Made from 330 GSM coral fleece

  • Features tie closure and two front pockets

  • Available in multiple colors and designs

Most reliable brand: Just Love Solid Kimono Robes for Women

 Scalloped pattern and classic look of the velour lounge robe
Scalloped pattern and classic look of the velour lounge robe

Available in more than a dozen colors and a variety of sizes, this solid-colored textured robe is just the perfect way to celebrate the mothers in your life.

With superior comfort, along with a gorgeous design, the Just Love Kimono Robe is sure to make your mother feel like royalty as it soaks up water along with all of the day’s stress, leaving her in peace and comfort.

The tie closure helps you take it off and on quickly, so this kimono robe is great to use as a bathrobe or to wear over pajamas. And, because it’s available for a great value and is completely machine washable, this product is the ideal choice for getting your money’s worth.

Key Features:

  • Soft, velour robes made with the highest quality material

  • Convenient tie closure

  • Available in many different colors and sizes

  • Washing machine safe

Buyer’s guide to choosing quality women’s bathrobes

Now that you know about some great bathrobes you can look into, here’s a few reasons why you should choose to get a bathrobe in the first place.

Why invest in a bathrobe?

The easiest answer to this question is because they’re comfortable, dry you off and help keep you warm. Many women prefer to invest in bathrobes because they can be worn around the house without having to worry about a nightdress or pajamas. When you get home from a hard day of work or studying, taking a warm shower and relaxing for the night in your favorite bathrobe seems heavenly.

This, perhaps, is the reason why bathrobes make such an excellent gifting item. They come in a variety of luxurious materials, as well as beautiful designs and colors that can help anyone take a breather and start spending some quality time chilling out reading a book, eating some snacks or catching up on their favorite series.

Details to think about when buying bathrobes

Of course, not all bathrobes are designed equal. Some can be harsh on the skin and, instead of making you feel comfortable, can prick and poke at unimaginable places. This is why you should be aware of the following things before deciding to invest in a bathrobe.


The number one most important aspect of a bathrobe is the fabric it is made out of. Most bathrobes are made of plush terrycloth or pure cotton. Some are also made from velvet, but they aren’t very absorbent and can only be worn once you have dried yourself off. If you don’t want to spend time or energy towel drying, then a terrycloth robe is the choice for you.


This is another essential thing to keep an eye out for. Why? Because if you end up not liking the design of your bathrobe or the color you picked, then you probably won’t wear it more than once, if even that. So, when you choose a new robe, make sure that the design you choose is one that you like. Kimono-style bathrobes are the most common because they are easy to wear and are very comfortable as well as warm. These mostly come with tie closures, but some have inner ties to prevent the possibility of the robe suddenly coming undone.


Another one of the major aspects to look for in a bathrobe is its power to absorb water. Many users believe that if the bathrobe doesn’t absorb water, it isn’t much better than any other robe. Absorbent materials include terrycloth or cotton — don’t opt for a robe that is made of velvet or any silken material, as the robe will simply get wet or you will need to towel-dry before putting it on.

Other popular features

There are a handful of other great qualities that one might look for in a bathrobe. While they aren’t necessities, these features are a superb way to decide whether or not a robe is right for you.


There are other features that you can also look for in a bathrobe. Many people prefer having robes that come with pockets because it makes it easier to carry essentials like a phone, snacks or even a newspaper. If you are one such person, go for a robe that features two pockets at the front to hold your essentials or even keep your hands warm.


A hood is also something that people look for when buying a bathrobe. The hood helps keep the back of your robe dry while drying your hair while keeping you warm and ensuring that you don’t catch a chill when you have wet hair.


Closures are another feature that you might want to look at. Does the bathrobe come with only tie closures or is there something that allows you to tighten the robe from the inside? Be sure to check it out if a closure is a must-have for you.


There are some bathrobes that come with their own slippers to provide even more of a spa-like experience. Not many companies offer slippers in the same package and, if they do, then the set is likely slightly on the expensive side.

People also asked

Q: Is fabric important to consider before buying a women’s bathrobe?

A: When thinking of getting a bathrobe, one of the most important things to consider is the fabric. Fabric is what decides it's breathability, longevity and style. This is the most important factor because it is going to help decide whether you use the robe regularly or not. If the material is absorbent but does not dry easily, you will probably not want to use it often. If it can only be hand washed, you may have difficulty using it after every bath. And if it does not sit well on your figure, the discomfort will get in the way of usability. Hence, it’s important to be careful with the choice of fabric when picking out a bathrobe.

Q: How do I keep my bathrobe clean?

A: The most effective way to increase your bathrobe’s lifespan is by keeping it clean, and it will only remain clean and free of germs when it is dry. So, an important thing to do is make sure your robe gets to air dry, which helps keep it fresh and clean. You can also clean it in the washing machine once a week to keep out unwanted smells and germs. Be sure to use a gentle detergent and no bleach.

Q: Can you wear a bathrobe without towel drying?

A: Yes, the primary purpose of a bathrobe is to dry you off and keep you warm. Honestly, we believe if you have to towel-dry yourself before putting on a bathrobe, it kills the purpose of owning one. You can even put it on directly if you come out of a rainstorm and are too cold to change clothes, as most robes are made from terrycloth and will easily dry you off – just make sure you invest in a robe that is made of a moisture-absorbing fabric so that you won’t need to use a towel.