Women on TikTok are sharing their ‘2022 Dating Wrapped’

Women are looking back at a year’s worth of dating in the hilarious “2022 Dating Wrapped” trend.

Every year Spotify Wrapped gives users a free rundown of their musical data and habits. If only there were a way to analyze our annual relationship game.

Look no further than TikToker @amberwavesofbrain. The content creator broke down her dating life into a science — and sparked a trend in the process.

“If any of these men see this, I want you to know that you’re not special and you’re just a number to me,” @amberwavesofbrain wrote in the caption.

In the video, she opened her laptop to a PowerPoint presentation called “2022 Dating Wrapped.” The influencer made her way through various slides and their corresponding data points.

She went on 18 dates in 2022, most of them from Tinder and Hinge. Only two of the men she dated made it to a third date. Only one had a high score of six dates. She cried over two, earned two parking tickets during dates and spent a total of $368.36

“What could I have done with this money?” she said. “Literally anything else would have been better.”

For all of 2022, @adri_mitchie was single and went on 40 dates. She met her dates on Hinge, Bumble and at nightclubs.

Only one person got a seventh date, but the majority of her relationships ended due to “mutual ghosting.” She was also “tricked into getting married” once but didn’t elaborate.

Instead of focusing on her dating habits, TikToker @swishr3d made her 2022 Dating Wrapped solely about dating red flags. Some included starting the day with alcohol, being a fire sign and love bombing.

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