Women show off the modesty shirts they wear on public transportation

It is subway shirt season!

Video Transcript

- Ah, summer. You know, warm weather means rooftop bars, picnics in the park, cute outfits, and oh, yeah, being sexualized in harassed on the subway. A recent trend has been people showing off their subway shirts, which is a modesty shirt that you wear over your normal outfit to help deter the creeps. This is where my love of oversized vintage t-shirts comes in handy.

But for real, studies have shown that female presenting people can have day-to-day experiences of harassment that affect their sense of safety and self-worth when taking public transportation. And these videos have sparked some debate in the comments with people saying bad people, gross men, will bother you no matter what you're wearing. And I agree. It's appalling that these precautions are needed.

I really hope that we are working towards some lasting changes but in the meantime, just do whatever makes you feel safest so that you can have a happy summer for more info, check out the full article on intheknow.com.