Women Are Sharing The 22 Things They Think About As Often As Men Think About The Roman Empire, And They're Soooo Relatable

The internet's current obsession with men thinking about the Roman Empire all the time got me wondering, "What are women constantly thinking about just as much as men think about the Roman Empire?" So, I asked the ladies of the BuzzFeed Community to share their thoughts, and they had a wide raaaaange of responses, so let's get into it:

1."Thinking about King Henry VIII and his six wives (special emphasis on Anne Boleyn)."

King Henry VIII drawing
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2."The patriarchy."


3."Titanic. There are just so many different factors that led to its sinking! If even one tiny thing was different, it wouldn't have happened, or at least not as many people would've died."


4."Murder. Either how it happened to someone else, the potential for it to happen to me, or watching out that it doesn't happen to others."

Barbie scene "do you guys ever think about dying?"

5."The yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas circa 1793."


6."My old ex-best friend."


7."I think about the black plague a lot. A lot a lot."

man with black plague sores

8."I mostly think about fabricated arguments in my head with all the people who have wronged me. And ghosts. I think a lot about ghosts."


9."The correct answer is Greek Mythology. Both the Roman Empire and Greek Mythology have an Aries, that is our overlap."

Greek statues
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10."My Roman Empire is definitely secret societies. There are three on my college campus and I read about that shit daily. The one has a room in a building on campus that doesn’t appear on any floor plans, I’m going to find it before I graduate. It’s like one of those true crime obsessions."


11."The British Royal family. Also, the way Diana was treated and how it's circled back to Harry and Meagan. It consumes me."

Harry and Meghan

12."The Irish Potato Famine."


13."Tom Holland's Lip Sync Battle, for sure."

him dancing on stage

14."My Roman Empire is the Trojan War. Helen was such a baddie that men literally fought each other for 10 years. The drama between Achilles and Paris? Helen's refusal to go back to her husband because she was just having such a great time over in Troy? Wow. Rent-free in my head".

Helen of Troy with soldiers


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15."I spend a lot of time thinking about biology. Why do we have two arms and two legs (and no other limbs)?"



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16."My Roman Empire has to be the best elevated Korean dramas of this year (2023): You haveTaxi Driver Season 2, The Glory, The Uncanny Counter Season 2, Moving, Revenant etc."


17."Twilight! Any time it's SLIGHTLY cloudy outside, whenever anyone mentions baseball, or if I go to the zoo and see a spider monkey. I definitely think about Edward Cullen as much as men think about Julius Caesar Salad or whoever tf that is."

Edward and Bella from Twilight movie

18."America Ferrera's monologue in Barbie."


19."Specifically, the 10-minute version of Taylor Swift's 'All Too Well.' Literally every time it comes on I get the same excitement as when you see the waiter approaching with your food at your favorite restaurant. It's iconic and on my mind all the time.

scene from Taylor Swift's All Too Well music video

20."How they only started testing the absorbency of period products with blood instead of blue saline this past year."


21."The Roman Empire for women right now has got to be thinking about how much you either love or hate the Barbie movie. Why is it just ALWAYS in my mind? Gosh, they had some good publicity."

Barbie movie

22.And last but not least, "I think about the Roman Empire."


Responses have been edited for length/clarity.

Ladies, let us know if you also think about any of these things as often as men think about the Roman Empire!