Women refuse to apologize for ’embarrassing’ friend’s girlfriend: ‘It’s not that deep’

A woman is wondering if she took things too far after “embarrassing a friend’s girlfriend” and then refusing to apologize.

She discussed the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She and her best friend, Sandy, like to tease and rib each other. They’ve known each other for decades and share the same sense of humor.

She and Sandy have an ongoing bet about who can go the longest without shaving their legs. The poster admitted they are “both obsessed” with their “vanity” and like to roast each other about it.

While she and Sandy were out to dinner with two friends and one of their friends’ girlfriend, Dina, things took a turn. She and Sandy were showing each other their hairy legs in jest. They traded jokes referring to each other as Wookie or a dad on beach day.

But Dina didn’t approve of their sense of humor. Dina accused Sandy and her of “mocking” one another and being passive-aggressive.

“Sandy and I explained our bet and said that this is literally our friendship and that it’s not that deep,” the Reddit poster explained. “Ever since we’ve been called AHs for not apologising by our two friends, especially the one who Dina is dating.”

Redditors didn’t think she and Sandy did anything wrong.

“Your friends sound exhausting,” a user wrote.

“Dina was embarrassed and now is blaming you,” another claimed.

“If she’s offended it sounds like a her problem not a you problem,” a person commented.

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