The best women’s flats for comfortable everyday wear

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Woman wearing her brown flats
Woman wearing her brown flats

Do you often feel stabbing or throbbing pain in your feet after wearing heels for a long day? Although they give your height a boost and make you look charming, they can cause many podiatric issues, from plantar fasciitis to improper posture. This is why you should choose comfortable flats that allow you to walk on all types of surfaces easily. They have a low-top arch design to keep your feet in proper posture and reduce strain on toes and calf muscles. Their wide front box also enables you to flex your toes and move them comfortably.

Since you can choose from a wide range of colors and designs, flats also make a stylish addition to your shoe collection. Considering everything they bring to the table, we rounded up some of the finest women’s flats in 2022 for you. Read through our detailed buying guide for some must-have information to help you pick the right pair.

Top Picks

Best overall: Soul Naturalizer Women’s Flats

Soft Ballerina/Skimmer flats offer total comfort to your feet
Soft Ballerina/Skimmer flats offer total comfort to your feet

Featuring soft and high-quality material, these flats offer maximum comfort while keeping fatigue in your feet at bay. When it comes to style, they are available in seven colors and patterns. They also have a bow at the top with leather straps for a cute look. Thanks to the textured base, this pair offers more friction to help you walk comfortably without slipping and injuring yourself. The availability in multiple colors and all-through comfort make these women’s flats the best overall on the market.

Key Features:

  • Synthetic sole

  • Features an all-leather upper

  • Textured base for grip

Most budget-friendly: Amazon Essentials Women’s Flats

The footwear from Amazon Essentials is best for flat feet with little to no arch
The footwear from Amazon Essentials is best for flat feet with little to no arch

If you are looking for an affordable pair of women’s flats suitable for daily use, this pair has got you covered. Featuring a low-top structure from the arch to the shaft, it is the ideal footwear for flat feet with little to no arch. It's durable upper comes with an elastic topline to offer a snug fit around your feet. This pair also boasts a suede microfiber lining to provide you with more comfort. The comfortable fit won't cause any scratches or abrasion marks on your feet or cause pain. It also has a round toe shape that complements its flattering profile and offers a classic ballerina silhouette.

Key Features:

  • Has a synthetic sole

  • Made with faux suede microfiber

  • Ballerina silhouette

Maximum comfort: Skechers Women’s Flats

Classic slip-on with flexible goring wedge insert and layered construction
Classic slip-on with flexible goring wedge insert and layered construction

While flats can reduce foot aches considerably, some don't offer optimal comfort. That's why we included this pair of women's flats from Skechers on this list. It features a canvas upper with an elastic goring insert to offer a snug fit. The slip-on structure saves a lot of time and effort in wearing these flats. Thanks to the memory foam footbed with a little arch pillow, they provide enhanced comfort and support to your feet. They also reduce pressure and prevent pain caused due to muscle strains. On top of this, you won’t encounter any problems while walking on slippery floors, owing to its rubber sole that generates enough traction to improve your balance.

Key Features:

  • Rubber sole

  • Reinforced with a canvas upper

  • Memory foam footbed

Most colors: TOMS Women’s Flats

Comes with a rubber sole and elastic gore for easy fit
Comes with a rubber sole and elastic gore for easy fit

If you are in search of wide women's flats that will meet daily needs and comes in a massive range of styles, this is the ideal footwear for you. Available in 70 styles, it has a canvas upper with a triangular elastic strap near the tongue to provide a snug fit and help you walk with utmost comfort. The round toe shape and low arch shaft improve the overall silhouette and make it look classier. It also offers more room to help you easily flex and move the toes without feeling any pain. Since it comes with a synthetic, textured sole, it increases traction to improve your balance on different surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Round toe front

  • Features an all-canvas upper

  • Synthetic sole

How to choose women’s flats: A buying guide

With a comfortable pair of women’s flats, you can go about your daily work and keep your feet safe from the terrific pain heels or other shoe types can cause. Owing to the surge in demand for this kinda footwear, you will have a long list of options. This is why we have created a complete buying guide to help you find the best pair of women’s flats.

Why is wearing flats better than heels?

1. You can wear flats throughout the day without feeling sharp, stabbing pain in your feet. On the contrary, heels worsen the situation and often lead to podiatric pain.

2. Flats are more comfortable and help you walk with perfect balance. But the same can’t be said for heels.

3. If you want to improve your body posture, always go for flats instead of heels.

4. When you have little to no arch, wearing flats will help you walk properly on different floors.

Factors to consider when shopping for the optimal women’s flats


As women’s flats are available in a plethora of sizes, you should check the size chart to make sure you get the right one. If your chosen footwear has leather construction, it won't stretch, so verify the shoe measurements and compare them with the manufacturer's chart. Pick the exact size that matches your measurements.

On the other hand, when you get a pair of flats with a canvas upper, you should consider stretchability and decide which size will be apt for you. If you mistakenly get a size smaller, the footwear will compress your toes and cause blisters. Similarly, the flats with a larger size will slip off of your feet, causing discomfort while walking.


Most women's flats have canvas uppers that can stretch and offer a snug fit. It’s also durable and withstands wear and tear to a great extent. But if you want classier footwear, you can go for flats made with leather or faux suede. These materials don't get damaged easily or suffer from tears or punctured holes. Very few products come with mesh upper fabric to improve the ventilation and durability of the flats.


If you want a snug fit, choose a pair of flats with an elastic insert or topline. These features are usually available in easy slip-on shoes. When slipping your feet inside them, they will stretch a bit and then automatically conform to the shape of your feet. This provides a snug fit and ensures you don't have to struggle with your balance.


Regardless of the comfort and durability of women's flats, you must look for a pair with a textured sole. This offers great traction and helps improve your balance. This way, you can walk on most floor types easily.


Most women's flats have synthetic insoles as this material can last for long and won't suffer from damage. But it won't provide optimal comfort or reduce pressure on your feet. If that is your main concern, look for a memory foam insole. Not only can the material conform according to your feet's shape, but it also helps reduce pressure from muscles and ease tension.

How to style different pairs of women’s flats with your outfits

  • Flats with a canvas upper are best suited for everyday use and can be paired with both formal and casual wears

  • When you have a pair of leather flats, pair it with business suits

  • If you wear dresses or skirts to the office, wear a colorful faux leather pair of flats

  • Printed mesh flats are amazing for casual outfits, from jeans to skirts

People also asked

Q: Can I use water to clean my women's flats?

A: No, it would be better if you avoid using water to clean your flats. If your footwear has stain marks, use a soft toothbrush with a cleaning solution to clean it.

Q: Do women's flats come with heels?

A: No, women’s flats do not have heels. Instead, they are completely flat and come with a low arch profile.

Q: Should I choose a pair of women's flats with pointed tips?

A: If you want more space at the front, choose a pair of women's flats with a round-toe shape. It will help you flex your toes easily.