Woman's Story of Starting an Animal Sanctuary in North Carolina With Her Mom Is So Moving

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What a wonderful way to devote their lives to helping animals in need.

Finding your life's purpose can be the most special experience, especially when animals are involved--just ask @alexabmurray. She and her mom established Friendly Fields Farm--an animal sanctuary in North Carolina-- completely from scratch, and that's just the beginning of their feats! Alexa shares the farm's endeavors on her TikTok account, though her followers are just now getting the full story.

In her recent popular video, Alexa shares a bit more about how she and her mom started their incredible nonprofit. Take a look!

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If this doesn't inspire, or at least impress you, we don't know what will! Alexa and her mom actually started a nonprofit animal sanctuary from scratch, and they're doing fantastically if we do say so ourselves. They're caring for over 100 animals! And 78.8 thousand TikTok followers.

One of those followers, @gracefulwords, had some kind words to say about the mother-daughter duo. "A beautiful thing you both are doing ❤️," she wrote. "Blessings ❤️." We couldn't agree more! The passion they both have for the animals they rescue and care for couldn't be more clear; just like Alexa said in her video, she's found her purpose.

"This is my dream," agreed @julsvisscher. "Get rid of the people in my life and live with the ones that are pure kindness." How beautiful! Animals can love in an unconditional capacity that humans just can't. It's about time humans show them that love back! Folks like Alexa and her mom are leading the charge.

It's honestly inspiring to see how many commenters also want to rescue animals one day. @Disaster.party asked, "How do you find the animals ? Does someone call you ?"

"Sometimes!" Alexa answered. "Sometimes we see them online, or our vet will call us, sometimes we hear from friends/neighbors about an animal in need." That's amazing how many people are looking out for furry and feathered friends! 

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