Woman's hack for catching Instagram stalkers causes a stir on TikTok

A hack to see who’s creeping on the person you’ve tagged in your Instagram Story is going viral — and the feedback isn’t entirely positive. User @meganvplatts shared the method on TikTok. “A tip for the girlies,” she wrote. “Iykyk”. In the video, she demonstrated how making a poll on Instagram and sliding it so the first option disappears off the side of the screen can make it look like the “mention” sticker. That way, when people click on it to see the page of the person tagged, it counts the click as a vote in the poll. The original poster can then see which users voted in the poll — or tried to creep on the person tagged, who is @meganvplatts’s boyfriend in this case. Some commenters hailed the Instagram stalking hack as “genius” and “smart,” but most found it to be a little over-the-top. “Why do some girls try to beef with anyone who even breathes next to their man like this is crazy I’m sorry,” one user wrote. User @sofiabartkova shared the same hack a day later. “For all my psycho girls,” she wrote. “20 in 1 hour”. Commenters found the Instagram technique to be “toxic”