Woman's Cookie Run Turns Into an Adorable Puppy Rescue

Talk about being at the right place in the right time.

TikTok user @rescuermg went out one day to get cookies for her coworkers. But when she turned down a service road on her way back to work, she noticed something out of the ordinary. She stopped and we're so thankful she did. Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

There were two puppies running across the road. As it turns out, these poor precious puppies were dumped in a box in 30-40 degree weather. Ugh, why don't you just rip our hearts out? Watch this clip which has over 24.2 million views and bring your tissue. It's a tearjerker but in a good way!

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Aww, we're beyond glad that this TikToker was there at that time! She wrote in the caption that the dogs were sticky and dehydrated. But fear not, they're safe now. They've been bathed, fed and given shots and medicine. And now this TikToker is fostering these precious pups!

Although she did not come back with cookies, we'd say she came back with something a lot better. LOL! @tnwilson wrote, "Just imagine someone is supposed to be bringing you cookies and they walk in with TWO WHOLE PUPPIES." That would only be the best day of our lives! @luisaharkey added, "These are perfectly fine cookies. Snickerdoodle and chocolate chip." Our kind of cookies indeed!

"I will never understand how someone can just leave animals on the side of the road. There are so many other options. So sad. I'm glad they are safe," commented @journeygirl_86. We also will never understand how people do this. There are options and resources to help. But until this stops, we're so thankful for people like this who step up and rescue animals.

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