Woman's Childhood Dog Becomes Best Friends with Her New Puppy in Heartwarming Video

Nothing compares to growing up alongside a four-legged friend. They can bring you joy and comfort during some of the most uncertain years of life, and they'll always be ready for your next adventure together. Sometimes, though, those adventures have room for one more!

That's why @loissuzanna and her gentle giant Landseer named Fee decided to adopt Nona the dachshund puppy. Despite the dogs' huge differences in size, they quickly became the best of friends and the most loyal sisters.

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How sweet are they?! We can't get enough of the way Fee plays so gently with her new baby sister. It seems like it was love at first sight!

Just like commenter @bobbafrisk mentioned, "the way a small pup brings out the inner pup of an older dog" is one of the most beautiful things to witness. Having a best friend to play with can really brighten their lives! Especially when fur siblings communicate as well as these gals do, things are bound to go well.

@Jroylesdesigns agrees, writing, "the body language of both of the dogs just makes me soooo happy. They’re beautiful." And they seem so happy together! Then again, who wouldn't be in good spirits with a Dachshund puppy around? Even Fee the Landseer has a jolly quality to her!

If you've never heard of the Landseer before, you're not alone. There's a very good reason why you've never heard of this breed--because it's not a breed! Landseer is just the name to describe black and white colored Newfoundland dogs. These pups are gentle giants without a doubt, so it's no surprise that Fee is so gentle with her baby sister.

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