Woman’s $50 gift card reduced to $22 because of hidden monthly service fees: 'You’re literally not using it'

TikToker Khean Pisey (@kheanpiseyy) made a PSA about hidden monthly service fees on gift cards after her $50 gift card decreased to $22. Viewers couldn’t believe that such surcharges were legal in the first place.

Who knew you could lose money on a gift card without even using it? Pisey recently found this out when the $50 gift card she was using ended up being worth just $22 due to a $2 monthly service fee. Viewers could totally relate to her frustration over hidden charges.

“Bro, what the f***?” Pisey exclaims, addressing her camera from the front seat of her car at the beginning of the clip.

Pisey holds up a gift card to the camera and explains that she should have $50 on it. She even includes a close-up shot of the receipt for the gift card, confirming the $50 amount in writing.

In the next shot, Pisey shows viewers the fine print on the back of the gift card, disclosing that “a $2 monthly service fee will be deducted” from the total amount. “So $50 became $22,” Pisey summarizes.

The Federal Trade Commission, the national consumer protection agency, enacted rules in 2010 to better protect consumers from gift card fees.

When it comes to inactivity fees, the FTC states: “Inactivity fees can be charged only after a card hasn’t been used for at least one year, and then only once per month. But fees may be charged to buy the card or to replace a lost or stolen card.”

Gift card fee frustration

Viewers frustrated on Pisey’s behalf cautioned to always read the fine print.

“Service fee for WHAT? You’re literally not using it. No reason to ever get a gift card if the money just disappears. How is that legal?” commented one user.

“$2 monthly fee IF you make zero purchases for 12 months,” one TikToker explained.

“It gets you to use them quickly,” shared one viewer.

“I’m the worst. I get a card, then hold it like it’s special, then it’s wasted,” one gift card sentimentalist mentioned.

Pisey’s gift card shocker proves that it never hurts to look over the terms and conditions.

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