Woman working hotel front desk records 'hostile' interaction with groom on his wedding night: 'I would’ve called for security'

A TikToker named Haley, who goes by Haiz (@haizmula) on the app, claims she was recently working the night shift at a hotel when an irate customer came in and started harassing her. Sensing that things were escalating, Haley began recording the intense interaction on her phone, just in case she’d need the evidence later.

Now, the clip is going massively viral, leaving most viewers stunned by what they hear in the video.

When the video begins, the camera is focused on Haley, who stands behind the hotel’s front desk and calmly asks, “Is there anything else I can help you with sir?”

Off camera, a male voice forcefully asks her, “Haley, are we still recording or not?”

“Um, I’m going to go ahead and cancel your reservation,” the hotel clerk responds. “Because you came in here super hostile.”

In the background, the man starts to talk over her, saying, “You’re gonna lose your job.”

That’s when the cause of the argument starts to become clear.

“I asked how your day was, I asked for your ID and you had a problem with issuing your ID,” Haley explains. “I have to make sure you’re the person checking in.”

“You swore at me, clearly you have the issue,” the customer responds.

“You’ve been kind of rude since you got here, sir,” Haley explains. “Like, you want me to do you a favor, but you’ve been very rude to me since you got here.”

“I understand it’s your wedding day, congratulations,” she continues, “but that gives you no reason to speak to me the way you do and expect me to be nice back to you.”

That’s right — the angry customer who is yelling at Haley is actually a groom on his wedding day. And, according to statements she makes later on in the clip, he allegedly didn’t feel like digging around in his bag to locate his ID for her.

The two continue to argue even after another worker comes over to see what’s wrong, and when the groom repeatedly fails to produce his ID, Haley once again tells him she has to cancel his reservation, per hotel policy.

“If you do, I’m going to come after you with everything I have,” the man threatens.

The video has quickly earned over 8.7 million views and thousands of comments from people who can’t believe the nerve of this guy.

“the ID…is in his bag…this whole time?” one person wrote. “Like what??!!”

“Why is he acting like he has to sacrifice his first born child just to be able to reach into his wallet/pocket/bag to take out a small plastic card,” another wondered aloud.

“Girl, after 5 minutes I would’ve called for security to remove him,” someone else declared.

Others rolled their eyes at the fact that the groom insisted he wasn’t being hostile, only to immediately threaten the hotel worker in a pretty hostile manner.

“Being a night auditor is scary in these situations, especially bc we’re by ourselves,” one person shared. “you’re better than me. I would’ve snapped faster.”

“As a former night auditor, don’t argue,” suggested another person who had been in Haley’s shoes before. “Cancel the reservation, print the proof, and sit there. If he comes behind the desk, defend yourself.”

In a later video, Haley does say she keeps some mace and a small personal safety alarm under the desk in front of her, just in case she has to use it. But luckily, this incident didn’t call for her to use them.

A ton of comments also came from people who couldn’t help but think of this man’s poor bride, who many assumed was standing off-camera in silence while this whole thing went down.

“On his WEDDING DAY,” one person exclaimed. “That poor girl definitely has no clue what j married.”

“The wife is quiet cuz she knows the reception is right,” said someone else.

“I bet the wife is seeing wishing she’d seen it before getting married,” another declared.

Based on another video shared by Haley, this kind of thing is a frustrating yet fairly common reality of working the night shift.

But at least in this case, things eventually calmed down.

Haley shared an update on the story soon after it went viral, which filled viewers in on what happened after the original video cut off. In the end, her security team was able to step in to keep the irate customer at bay and her manager got on the phone to back her up.

After about 30 minutes of this, the groom and his bride finally left when they were repeatedly told that they would not be able to get a room at the hotel. And although the police were called to the scene, they, unfortunately, showed up just minutes after the couple left.

According to Haley, the groom did try calling the corporate helpline to complain about the incident, but when she spoke to the representative on the phone, she calmly explained what happened and stuck to her guns about not letting the couple return.

“So that’s my update,” Haley concluded. “He wound up leaving sooner or later but, yeah, he was just being mean for no reason. Oh well, not my problem.”

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