Woman has been using old date’s Netflix account for years: ‘The most constant man in my life’

A woman has been using an old flame’s Netflix password for four years.

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TikToker Pia Blossom went viral when she admitted that she scored a Netflix account on a first date with a man she never saw again. What she found bizarre is that the guy still has her profile up on his account. But her popular video may have tipped him off.

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In 2018, she went on a date with a guy named Liam. He was baffled when she hadn’t seen Stranger Things and even more stunned she didn’t have a Netflix account. Liam gave Blossom his password and even made her a profile. But they never spoke again.

“I have not seen that man since that day,” she said. “And I have since dated many other men. But here I am, the only other profile in 2022.”

When other boyfriends wanted her to use their Netflix accounts, she refused. She knew Liam’s account would outlast them.

“In some ways, this man whose number I don’t even have anymore has been the most constant man in my life,” Blossom said. “If you see this, Liam, I am watching the new season of Stranger Things. It’s really good.”

The video received 12 million views and 2.7 million likes on TikTok.

“We stan a password sharing king. Thank you for your service, Liam,” someone commented.

“Liam sitting at home wishing they’d stayed in touch just so he could recommend more shows,” another joked.

“Liam needs another chance! My god, he’s playing the long game,” a person said.

Blossom later included an update, writing, “HE FOUND THE TIKTOK hahahaha he messaged me saying he made an account just to view the comments.”

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