Woman upcycles ’90s Disney sheets into adorable dresses

A Disney-themed mini dress has TikTok on a serious nostalgia kick right now — and it just might transport you back to your own childhood, too.

It was shared by a TikToker named Kelsey, who makes custom garments through her company, @ropedropdesign, and has a particular knack for what she calls “bedsheet fashion” — in other words, upcycling used bedsheets and turning them into something wearable (and kind of amazing).

Recently, Kelsey worked her magic on an old kids’ bedsheet from the early ’90s themed after The Little Mermaid, one of Disney’s biggest films at the time.

Disney fans and ’90s kids promptly lost it. After showing off the fabric, Kelsey reveals the adorable mini-dress she made out of the sheet, complete with puffy short sleeves, a cinched waist and matching Mickey ears!

“IM OBSESSED,” one person declared.

“This made me emotional,” another shared.

A lot of people said they had these bedsheets themselves, which made the TikTok hit home even more.

“Omg I had these sheets. What a time warp!” one person wrote.

“How does the algorithm know I have those sheets?!” said another.

“Those sheets are currently on my daughter’s bed!!!!” one mom shared.

While a few people said they regretted throwing the sheets away years ago, most just appreciated getting a glimpse at them one last time — especially those who didn’t even remember they had them until happening upon the TikTok.

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