Woman unknowingly has video of her crying used in social media ad: ‘Girl you better get that check’

When Gabriella Vasquez (@g.abriellav) got a message from her friend asking her if she was in an advertisement, the San Antonio native was confused. Then she looked at the video in question and discovered that a company used a clip of her crying.

Future Nurse Bundle posted the video on Facebook. The company sells study materials to aspiring nurses. The advertisement shows Vasquez crying, ”My GPA is so bad.” On top of her video is text saying, “Are you struggling in nursing school.”

“Like, b****, are you serious,” she said in her video. “Run me my money. They never even texted me.”

People quickly chimed in about the lack of payment and warning.

“Girl you better get that check,” said @katie_camacho.

“Oh you better get some money cuz aint no way,” replied @camdenelijahh_.

In the Know by Yahoo reached out to Vasquez for more clarification on the situation.

“I had never heard of the company name, Future Nurse Bundle,” she said over DM. “I went through my e-mails to see if maybeI had missed anything, but nope. They used my video without my permission.”

Vasquez then contacted the company to tell them she didn’t appreciate their use of her video — which was taken after her advisor said her GPA might not have been good enough to get into a nursing program.

“I didn’t care about being compensated or not, but they could have just asked me for permission,” she said.

According to her, the company claimed they would credit her on the advertisement but then didn’t. Then they failed to respond to her after she asked about compensation.

In The Know reached out to Future Nurse Bundle for comment but didn’t receive a response.

Since the advertisement went up, a few of her friends have seen it on Facebook and TikTok and have tried to report it every time.

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