Woman Tries to Recreate Cute Holiday Card With Her Cat and Hilarity Ensues

This is just imperfectly perfect.

TikTok is such an awesome place to get ideas. New recipes to try, beauty tips, and videos that show pet owners doing wonderful things with their own pets we can't wait to copy. Sometimes, with hilarious results. TikTok user @Seychels wanted to borrow  TikTok user @Furryfritz awesome idea for a holiday card using her cat and well, it didn't quite come out exactly how she wanted. 

Check out the following video of this adorable #Holidayphotofail. It's just too funny. 

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LOL! Her cat is so not having it! @Nayla comments, "No yours is better. 100% better. It captures the holiday mood PERFECTLY." @Anna says, "Not very merry and bright but still 11/10 honestly." @Floridarocks8 posts, "I think your cat should be signed to a model agency. Look at the smirk look!" LOL! 

Listen, it's still November and maybe this cat just isn't quite in the holiday spirit yet. We say let him try some egg nog laced with a little bit of catnip and see if that changes his attitude. We do think his grumpy card is just perfect though! 

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